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Kochanski, Kristine Z (1)

Captain's Comments
A superb navigation officer whose unfortunate infatuation with Third Technician David Lister was ended when she went back to Tim, one of Red Dwarf's chefs. (Note: This could explain why, when he was attempting to be promoted above Rimmer, Lister elected to sit the chef's exam.) Kochanski's hologramatic body was utilised by Rimmer to distract Lister during said exam, leaving the hologram with a - temporary - breast and wriggling hips.

Lister discovered a stasis leak which allowed him to return to Red Dwarf pre-accident, and he arrived with every intention of wedding Kochanski. Having tracked her down at the Ganymede Holiday Inn, Lister discovered that she had married a version of him from five years in the future. (Note: One assumes she was lured back by the promise of better foot hygiene.)

Lister's obsession with Kochanski reached its nadir when a Psiren hallucination of his lost love almost succeeded in luring him to his death. She claimed to have used Lister's sperm - from Red Dwarf's storage bank - to create twin boys, Jim and Bexley. (Note: To the rest of the crew, the truth was as plain as a Bulgarian pin-up.)

Kochanski, Kristine Z (1)