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Petersen, Olaf

Captain's Comments
This drunken Dane was originally a catering officer in the kitchens. (Note: Check the purchase/usage ration for supplies of cooking sherry.) After his death, his tattooed right arm was briefly grafted to the hologramatical Rimmer's body thanks to a corrupted data disk. Lister saw him once more when he travelled back in time through a stasis leak. (Note: And killed Petersen's chances with two women returning from planet leave.) Petersen is also responsible for returning Lister's guitar to him in prison, one of the many reasons the scouser retains his "I love Petersen" tattoo on his inner thigh. (Note: Unsurprisingly created during a drunken binge.)

Petersen, Olaf

Toaster Talking - Olaf Petersen