Name: Jack Klaff(Actor, Abraham Lincoln)
Mr Flibble faces the impressive presence of Jack Klaff - Meltdown's Abraham Lincoln.
Jack Klaff
Date: 16 January, 2004

Name: BBC Americas(Marketing, BBC Americas)
What goes on with Dwarf on DVD Stateside? The BBC's Paul Augustine and Laura Palmer know - and tell Mr Flibble.
BBC Americas
Date: 5 December, 2003

Name: Julie Higginson(Actress, Marilyn Monroe Droid)
Mr Flibble talks to Series III's robotic Marilyn - and almost-Holly! - Julie Higginson.
Julie Higginson
Date: 7 November, 2003

Name: Ross McGinley(DVD Producer)
BBC DVD producer Ross McGinley answers Mr Flibble's questions and hopes to duck the hex-vision...
Ross McGinley
Date: 24 October, 2003

Name: Steve Clark(Mastermind Contestant)
He conquered the black chair with his Dwarfian prowess - Mr Flibble talks to Mastermind winner Steve Clark.
Steve Clark
Date: 10 October, 2003

Name: Mike Vaughan(RD Photographer)
Mr Flibble pulls out a wide-angle lens and gets the big picture from RD photographer Mike Vaughan.
Mike Vaughan
Date: 27 September, 2003

Name: Paul Grant(Photographer, Series III)
For Series III, Red Dwarf's official photographer was Paul Grant. Mr Flibble forces him out from behind the camera...
Paul Grant
Date: 29 August, 2003

Name: Stephen Lane(Owner, The Prop Store of London)
Mr Flibble talks to Stephen Lane, who heads up the Red Dwarf-selling Prop Store.
Stephen Lane
Date: 15 August, 2003

Name: Peter Scott(CTO, Blue Beck>)
Mr Flibble gets interactive with Peter Scott, the man behind Red Dwarf: Simulants' Revenge.
Peter Scott
Date: 4 July, 2003

Name: Steven Wickham(Actor, Ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech)
Mr Flibble gets furry with Steven Wickham - Dave Lister's GELF bride.
Steven Wickham
Date: 20 June, 2003

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