Mr Flibble Talks To... Battling The Penguin
Batman creator Bob Kane passed away in 1998, leaving the world with perhaps its most famous comic book character. Before he died, Bob took some time out from a comic convention he was attending to discuss the creation of his winged vigilante, and his opinion on the Tim Burton movies, with the other penguin...
20 November, 2000
Bob Kane
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard
Mr Flibbles's Top Ten Rejected Bat-Villains
1 Unicyclist
REJECTED: Far less terrifying than the other circus-based villain
2 Peacock
REJECTED: Plumage caused giggles from his enemies.
3 Jigsaw
REJECTED: Whenever confronted by Batman, he went to pieces.
4 Rambling Rose
REJECTED: Not as scary as Poison Ivy - just talked a lot.
5 Lock Jaw
REJECTED: Defeated by the advent of the tetanus jab.
6 Michael Mouse
REJECTED: Still pending legal proceedings from Disney Inc.
7 The Easter Bunny
REJECTED: Left to be with his family. All 968 of them.
8 Picasso
REJECTED: Character's artwork was just too bizarre.
9 Big Pants
REJECTED: Only maintained decency thanks to the tights he wore beneath them.
10 The Penguin
REJECTED: That bastard used my name, then changed the character. It could have been my greatest role...
Bob Kane's Top Ten
1 The Joker
2 The Penguin
3 Catwoman
4 Two Face
5 The Riddler
6 The Mad Hatter
7 Clayface
8 The Scarecrow
9 Poison Ivy
10 Mr Freeze