Mr Flibble Talks To... To Play The King
As the King in season VII's Stoke Me a Clipper... Brian Cox lost his wife to one 'Lister of Smeg'. In The Long Kiss Goodnight he helped Gina Davis find her lost identity. But as the original Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter he wasn't going to lose to anybody.
16 March, 2001
Brian Cox
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

Tell me about Braveheart and Rob Roy...

I think Rob Roy's a great movie - it had one of the best scripts going. It's very earthy. [Alan] Sharp is one of the best screenwriters around. The script of Rob Roy compared to the script of Braveheart [bears] no comparison. Braveheart [just] had Mel Gibson and painted Scottish faces. There was no finesse in it; whereas in Rob Roy - "A pint of pish in the mornin'" - the delicacy of those lines, it was like silk. And Kilearn was a brilliantly drawn character.

Kilearn is like a fallen angel. He's kind of shocked by what goes on around him. He both loathes it and at the same time is complicit in it. He's typical of the kind of middle man who ends up shafting everybody. (Laughs)

I remember I was asked to be in Braveheart and Rob Roy at the same time, and there was absolutely no choice in my mind as to which was the better script. Though I like Mel enormously and did want to work with him, I did choose to do Rob Roy.

Mel then rang me and said, 'Look, I really want you to be in the film. What would you like to play?' I said, 'The only part worth playing is Argyle, at the beginning.' There was a scene where he came back and marries them later on, he was also there peripherally throughout the film. He said, 'Well, you can play that - we don't have to do those other scenes.'

I do think that Mel did an amazing job in terms of the film of Braveheart, because there's a lot of passion in it. He's a very charismatic guy. I liked him enormously, he was a great guy to work with. But I thought the script was a little bit (John Wayne voice) 'The Scottish are comin' over the hill' - John Wayne in kilts.