Mr Flibble Talks To... Howdy-doodly-do!
Before Robert Llewellyn, there was another Kryten. After John Lenahan there was another Toaster. Both these were one man - David Ross. Mr Flibble talks the Alan Bleasdale regular about his life as one of Britain's best actors.
5 January, 2001
David Ross
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

You once said the next inanimate object you'd like to play is a poker - are there any other objects on your wish list?

I'd made a little list in my head, because of playing the Toaster. I'd rather like to play a piece of toast! Because a piece of toast is such a charming thing in itself. Its kind of very homely and warm and comfortable. Also the word toast is evocative of all sorts of very English things. Very comfortable and comforting.

I'd get eaten, but the point is we all die. Toast dies a bit quicker than human beings... It goes through being a piece of ordinary, plain bread to being to a warm, snug piece of bread which has then got buttered in hot, gorgeous, creamy yellow butter... I think it's a very exciting thing to be, actually.

The other thing is a tax demand. Because I think when people get those, they're so scared. (Laughs) And you know those kind of people that you want to give a horrible shock to? Those smug people who go along through life thinking nothing can get to them. And suddenly this drops through the post and they start quaking before they pick it up! It's rather a powerful thing to be...