Mr Flibble Talks To... In Deep
Mr Flibble attempts to converse with Deep7's Todd and Samantha Downing, creators of the Red Dwarf roleplaying game.
14 March, 2003
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

Deep7 (no spaces) was a business partnership formed in 1999 as the legal face of a pre-existing part-time entertainment venture. The company originally focused on bringing roleplaying game content to 'wired' players via PDF and CD-ROM media. 2000 saw the release of their first printed game, Santa's Soldiers.

Arrowflight, their epic fantasy RPG, was released in December 2001 and was well-reviewed by the RPG enthusiast online community. Now incorporated, Deep7 begins a new era in 2003, with the release of several printed works and distribution in the North American book trade, the Holy Grail of most game publishers. Red Dwarf - The Roleplaying Game will lead the charge, followed by the Red Dwarf A.I. Screen. Printed supplements for Arrowflight and Santa's Soldiers 2nd Edition are also on the roster, and the year will close with the release of the Red Dwarf Series Sourcebook in November.

The name Deep7 was brainstormed by former business partner Ron Dugdale, and has a few subtle meanings. It is a reference to the fathom, and symbolizes a drive to explore deeper and farther than the standard deep six (sort of like the Spinal Tap joke, 'this one goes to eleven'). The number 7 is regarded as lucky in many cultures, and is also the average result of two standard dice.

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