Mr Flibble Talks To... The Gunslinger
With a love of Westerns and a suitably sinister presence, Denis Lill was the ideal chance to play a killer simulant and his deathly gunslinger counterpart. Just don't mis-spell his first name.
11 May, 2001
Denis Lill
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard
Denis Lill's Top Ten Hates
1 Banks
2 TV Chefs
3 British Choreography in Variety Shows
4 Rude Shop Assistants
5 Cautious Drivers
6 Fly-On-The-Wall Documentaries
7 Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals
8 Gilbert and Sullivan
9 Celebrities
10 Filling in Forms
Denis Lill's Top Ten Loves
1 My Wife
2 My Kids
3 My job
4 Aeroplanes
5 Martha Argerich
6 Bach
7 Irish Whiskey
8 Rachmaninoff
9 Westerns
10 Patrick O'Brian