Mr Flibble Talks To... Flibble Goes To The Doctor
Research has shown that watching Red Dwarf can actually improve the body's ability to defend itself against viruses. The man responsible for this discovery is Wolverhampton University's Dr Shantha Perera. Mr Flibble stopped in for a check-up...
20 November, 2000
Dr Shantha Perera
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard
Dr Perera's Top Ten Immunobods
1 Tracie the T cell
The leader of the Bods. Tracie co-ordinates and activates the troops. She gives the orders to attack.
2 Bertie the B cell
Bertie fires off the bug- blasting antibodies
3 Des the Dendritic cell
The 'Presenter.' Des introduces bugs and other nasties to Tracie.
4 Max the Macrophage
The big eater. Max gobbles up bugs, chews them and spits them out. A messy eater, he is often covered with bug debris which act as signals!
5 Norm the Neutrophil
Eldest of two siblings involved in hunting down and feeding on the enemy.
6 Essie the Eosinophil
Norm's sister. there's nothing Essie enjoys more than having a go at a nice, fat parasite.
7 Katie the killer cell
Once activated (by Tracie) Katie goes on a rampage and kills any infected cell.
8 Martin the memory cell
Martin never forgets a face - especially the ugly mug of a bug.
9 Inti the interferon
Winds up Max - makes him angry. bad news for bugs when Inti's around!
10 Brian the basophil
A bit of an oddball, Brian has a go at parasites, but also causes problems.
Student Vote: Comedy Top Ten
1 Red Dwarf
2 Have I Got News For You
3 Black Adder II
4 Jasper Carrott
5 Ben Elton
6 You've Been Framed
7 Black Adder III
8 Newman and Baddiel
9 Black Adder IV
10 Carry on Film