Mr Flibble Talks To... Ice Cold Penguin
In the final part of Gil Taylor's interview with Mr Flibble, the penguin probes him about his approach to cinematography and his relationship to master of suspense and founding father of modern cinema, Alfred Hitchcock...
15 December, 2000
Gil Taylor Part 4
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

What is a brute?

A brute is a carbon arc, 225 amps - which is the perfect lamp. It gives you something like 6000 Kelvin, so you've got the filter on it to use as a cover to bring it up to 3250. You do get a beautiful, almost parallel, beam from it because it comes through a condenser with a mirror at the back of it, you get take this thing up and you can get way beyond sunlight. A wonderful lamp.

I used it on all exteriors, interiors. All day exteriors, and for night exteriors you can stick it up on a 100 foot [rig]. It would be used now - if it wasn't for these fast film fanatics.

If you sit in the front of the Empire, Leicester Square with a fast film, the skin looks like oranges. They've got slow films now, which I was after for ages. Most of mine were 100, unless I used something special. But now they've got 50 ASA, and my son told me the other day he was lighting something for The Mummy II - I said, 'What film stock [are you using]?' He said, '50 ASA, this new one.' Because he's schooled by me. He said they all cheered him, it was marvellous.