Mr Flibble Talks To... Mr Flibble Talks To... James Hendrie
The co-writer of Series VII's Nanarchy pops by for some penguin action.
8 October, 2010
James Hendrie
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard


In original drafts of the script, Kryten's nanos, still contained within his body, were transferred to Lister to create his new limb. At first the process was a little disgusting - Lister could be found at mealtimes eating with a skeletal, flesh-dripping arm - but eventually the results would be positive. (Actually too positive, Lister became able to lift pianos and arm-wrestling contests left Kryten and Cat on the floor in a heap.)

But the nanos could not stop, and soon began to correct other things that were 'wrong' with their host's body. They fix his chipped tooth, his taste buds start to work again... and his useless nipples are removed. When they also take out Lister's immune system, a nano-Kryten leads a second wave of 'bots to destroy the original batch. They succeed, but all the nanos (save for Kryten) die.

A monument is erected in their memory on Lister's forehead... appearing from a distance to be a zit.

Taken from the Series VII DVD Booklet.