Mr Flibble Talks To... Encasing Kryten
In 1992, Universal attempted an American Red Dwarf pilot. Robert Llewellyn was asked to reprise his role as Kryten, and the hunt began for a costumer who could bring the Mechanoid to life Stateside. Mr Flibble tries out his Americanisms on the costumer and fan Joseph Kerezman.
26 April, 2002
Joseph Kerezman
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

Tell us first how you got into the costume business...

Well, I had been making costumes for fun since I was in High School, I found myself one day working at a desk job, doing bookkeeping, and suddenly thought "I cant do this! I need something better!" Three days later I was working for a small costume making shop. It has just been going from there. I worked at several costume houses - including Western Costume - getting training, and most Studio Wardrobe departments - including Paramount and Universal.

What was your first professional job?

I made several things for the film Born in East L.A., TV Series The "New" Giget and McDonalds commercials. Those were my first "pro" jobs.

Can you explain what you do for those who don't know the business?

I do a bit of everything, costume-wise, I have designed (Richard Hatch's Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, Billy Badd); made costumes (Red Dwarf USA, and other TV and commercials); made costume/prop pieces (Deep Space Nine, Enterprise); and worked on set (Uncle Buck, Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, Red Dwarf USA, Star Trek: the Next Generation)

And what were your favourite, most challenging and most frustrating jobs?

I loved the time I worked on Star Trek TNG - that was frustrating as I would have liked to work on it longer! (Laughs) They are a great group of people in the wardrobe department there. Most challenging? Hmmn. Probably Red Dwarf, as it was an established show and I was told we had to match the look of the original as much as possible. It's always harder to copy someone's work as opposed to coming up with the ideas yourself. If you make a mistake some will always point it out to you! (Laughs)