Mr Flibble Talks To... Fuller Flibble
As High Heels and Lowlifes enters cinemas, the writer of the film - and co-author of the sixth most popular episode of Red Dwarf ever according to a fan club poll - talks into the penguin's microphone.
20 July, 2001
Kim Fuller
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

I was a teacher, teaching English and drama to students in further education in a college in Lewis. I'd been performing and doing odd bits of pub theatre and stuff, and I decided that I wanted to write something. I was too lazy to spend six months writing a novel so I started sending things off to the radio - Week Ending and so on - and never got anywhere with that.

Then I watched Not The 9 O'clock News and thought it was contemporary and I liked it. It was short sketches and I'd not thought about just doing that kind of thing, so I just sent stuff in. I sent a few sketches in to the first series - not knowing anything about television I didn't realise that they didn't record them, you know, the day before! (Laughs)

I got £12 a minute, and that was it. I just carried on writing for that show. Then I got a letter from the Beeb about a new show they were doing called Three of a Kind saying would I like to come in for a writers' meeting. I went to this meeting and I couldn't get through the door because there were about a hundred writers there - anyone who'd ever written anything! (Laughs)