Mr Flibble Talks To... Perfect Paranoia
'Put a trace on Paranoia... It's space jargon, it means find him.' Always one to obey orders, Mr Flibble did just that. Better known these days for his role in Grange Hill, Mr Flibble talks to actor, writer and comedian Lee Cornes.
18 May, 2001
Lee Cornes
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

Let's talk about your 'comedy waiter' routine...

[It's a] practical joke played for anyone who'll hire me - usually corporate dos. I play a completely pissed waiter, as if for real. It's only the people within the company who've hired me who know what's what. It's a complete wind-up, I've done loads of them over the years.

I did one at wedding, actually; the bride-to-be hired me. I said, 'Only if you tell the groom' - I've shied off from weddings because there's a lot at stake. Of course she didn't tell him. It was an Irish family and a Scottish family in kilts in a castle, and it was a scream. I love them as much as anyone else. Someone will fire me at the end and I'll burst into tears, weep on the microphone before revealing it's just [a joke].

[I also do] a comedy guest speaker. They'll have a conference and, to break the ice, they'll book a guest speaker. They'll give me some information that sounds about right, whatever subject it is, and I come on - pissed, all angry, late, pissed-off. They're great fun. I only do half a dozen a year, if that. The problem is now it's a sort of 'known thing', and secondly - particularly with Grange Hill - a lot of the younger people grew up watching Mr Hankin! Then, of course, the game's up...