Mr Flibble Talks To... Jeff Kay
The Dwarfers inadvertently saved his life - ultimately getting him to go back in time and assassinate himself. But Michael J. Shannon's time as the late president only began when he accepted a Tikka to Ride...
11 May, 2001
Michael J Shannon
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

Mr Flibble fled from his wintry homeland to become a thespian. What prompted you to work in the UK?

Well, it's a shaggy dog story. I was living in New York and was cast in a British play called The Day After the Fair which starred Deborah Kerr. I was the only Yank in the cast of six, and desperately struggled with my British accent. At any rate after a six month tour across the United States I ran off with the gal playing the ingenue, Vickery Turner and we got hitched. Vickery had a substantial career in Britain and so we just started dividing our time between the two countries.

What kind of things did you find yourself offered over here?

Well, my first gig was a Henry James short story called The Author of Beltraffio that Tony Scott directed for television, it was his first film. I was the Yank and starred with Tom Baker, the title character. It was beautiful to look at, lots of smoke and soft focus stuff, and I looked appropriately aesthetic behind a pair of spectacles. In contrast I did the American surfer, Carl, playing Rula Lenska's sun-tanned boyfriend in the series Rock Follies, an eager lover to Francesca Annis in Lillie, and a hunky World War II Major in the popular series We'll Meet Again opposite Susannah York. So I've had the opportunity to do quite a range of characters, both comic and dramatic.