Mr Flibble Talks To... Beyond Quarantine
Not since Pingu has a penguin had such power over an audience. In Red Dwarf V's acclaimed Quarantine the most forceful critical praise was for the commanding presence of the old-hand flightless bird and his hex vision. Mr Flibble talks exclusively to, erm, himself.
26 January, 2001
Mr Flibble
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

The Early Years

Raised in a the small glove-manufacturing town of Widness, Mr Flibble always seemed an unlikely candidate for mega-stardom.

His first break came when he p-p-p-picked up a role in a commercial for a well-known chocolate biscuit. There he was discovered by his agent and friend, Rip Emmoff.

Later that year Mr Flibble married the coincidentally-named Mrs Flibble (then Miss Flibble, of course) and soon after their household rang with the patter of tiny flippers.

A career in the limelight came shortly afterwards. Movie roles - yes, that is him jumping off the iceberg before the Titanic hits - were blended with TV work - including Call My Bluff, Heartbeat and Casualty (where his character suffered a curious allergy to fish - an irony that would later come to haunt him). And then came his most famous appearance - a starring role in season V of Red Dwarf.