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Mr Flibble doesn't restrict himself to one-on-one interviews, oh no. At an international celebrity gathering, the Flibster grabbed as many passing names as he could lay his flippers on for a quick chat...
1 November, 2000
Mr Flibble's Celebrity Pickups
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Andrew Ellard

One of the biggest talents in modern American cinema discusses his approach to Dracula with the Flibster...

How did you come to make Bram Stoker's Dracula?

The reason I came to do it, the fact that I had been a drama councillor and I read the book to these little boys, so I knew the authentic book. I knew that the other Dracula films were based more on the play. So when I was offered the opportunity, the fact that the script was much more like the Bram Stoker brought back that memory and so I agreed to do it.

Did you think about the films that had gone before?

I knew that Nosferatu (1921) was a masterpiece, and even the Carl Dreyer film Vampyr (1932) so there was some incredible precedent. I did it more for fun, thinking that it'd be nice to do the book. People think they know the Dracula story, but it's a bit different in the book.