Mr Flibble Talks To... Penguin P-P-P-Pick-Ups
Mr Flibble doesn't restrict himself to one-on-one interviews, oh no. At an international celebrity gathering, the Flibster grabbed as many passing names as he could lay his flippers on for a quick chat...
1 November, 2000
Mr Flibble's Celebrity Pickups
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Mr Flibble gets a few choice words with a comic book legend...

Tell us about Spawn.

I describe him as being a tragic hero. It's about a guy whose life has been torn apart from him. He's lost his identity, he's lost his wife he made a pact with the devil - he died and came back - and he came back for one reason, and that's to see his wife. I'm not particularly religious, but if I was to die tomorrow and I could get five more minutes with my daughter and my wife, I'd make any deal that it took to be able to see their faces again.

He did the same thing, but the terms of the contract were screwed on him. He's been shot into the future five years, his wife is remarried, they were never able to conceive a child, he finds out she has a child which basically made him impotent which takes away his manhood. And he died a black man - he comes back a white man, so his identity had been taken away from him.

The costume and the glitz and all the power have got to be in there, so that you can have a superhero comic book - and the monsters and the bad guys so the kids react to it. But I see there being two levels - the glitz that the 8-12 year olds like, and the stuff about how his life has been shattered and how he puts the pieces back together slowly. He just happens to be a superhero at the same time.

Do you think it's on a par with Batman?

We wish! We all own and create our own stuff. Part of the reason we're doing that is because it's time for us to try and create our next Batman, time to create the next Mickey Mouse - the next icon out there that will outlive us. Right now the crowds are big but the crowds are there mostly for my name, and what I've got to do now is try and make it so that the character - whether it be Spawn or some other character - becomes bigger than I am. They liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they don't really know who created it. So the pressure is now on me to come up with characters that will outlast me.