Mr Flibble Talks To... Knot Knock
'Shend' - transitive verb, 1) to put to shame or confusion; 2) reprove, revile; 3) injure, mar, ruin, destroy. But he does have a softer side. Mr Flibble flashes back to the man mountain who crushed Rimmer's goolies.
17 August, 2001
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard
Shend's Top Ten Stationary Products
1 Black Pilot G-2 07 Pen
2 Rexel Matador 2 Stapler
3 Hole Punch (capacity 16 sheets)
4 Pentel N60 Permanent Marker
5 Hardback A4 Envelopes
6 A4 Economy Copier Paper
7 Stabilo Boss Original Highlight Pen
8 Bostik Blu Tac
9 Blue Pilot G-2 07 Pen
10 Radex Glufix Transparent (leak free)
Shend's Top Ten Vehicles to Steer Well Clear of While Riding A Motorcycle
1 Volvos
2 Black Cabs
3 Scaffolding Lorries
4 Red Post Office Vans
5 People Carriers
6 Volvos
7 Range Rovers
8 Cars Pulling Caravans
9 Police Cars
10 Volvos');