Mr Flibble Talks To... Flibble: Resurrection
As the Red Dwarf web-site goes on-line, Mr Flibble takes his biro to meet the ink and paint of the man responsible for the site's glowing artwork, the conceptual artist renowned for such movies as Alien: Resurrection, The Fifth Element and Gladiator - Sylvain Despretz
20 November, 2000
Sylvain Despretz
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

What does a conceptual artist actually do for a film?

There's two parts to my job as a storyboard artist I work with a director on breaking down the film into a series of shots, which are supposed to represent camera angles. That's one half of my job, the other possible half is to work as a concept artist, which is really an aid to the art department and the production designer. What I do is give the first images of the film in the form of generally very dramatic depictions of things which have been agreed to by the director and the production designer.

At what point in the script development do you become involved?

It can be anywhere, [even] prior to script development - because some of the stuff we do can be used for a pitch to the studio. If you go into a studio meeting with a set of paintings and storyboards, as they did in The Matrix, you may get a film made which otherwise nobody would touch. So it can be used prior to pre-production. Generally it's used from the time that there's money, which is when pre-production begins, which is when a film has been greenlighted and there's a budget to start crewing up.