Mr Flibble Talks To... Flibble: Resurrection
As the Red Dwarf web-site goes on-line, Mr Flibble takes his biro to meet the ink and paint of the man responsible for the site's glowing artwork, the conceptual artist renowned for such movies as Alien: Resurrection, The Fifth Element and Gladiator - Sylvain Despretz
20 November, 2000
Sylvain Despretz
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

What are you going to be doing with your forthcoming website?

It's called - Nuclear Burn is the title of a song by a group that's remarkably unknown called Brand X. Brand X was a group that Phil Collins the drummer, not Phil Collins the singer - which is one and the same person - used to moonlight into in the 70's, and did some of his best drum riffs ever. And the first song of their first album is called Nuclear Burn.

I think it's absolutely exciting when you see what some of the fresh designers are doing on the web. It's like mini-films, it's like people are actually show-casing their craft with nifty imagery, and animation, and things that are just very exciting to the eye. And they have an opportunity to do it for - well, I won't say no cost, because there is cost involved - but they certainly have a platform, and a potentially unlimited amount of people who can come and see and be entertained.

I think it's an exciting idea, so what I thought - because I know people who are working in Flash and in 3D - is I'd work with them, try doing a web-site which is not so much content-driven, but that's more interesting in terms of its form. I'd like to have something entertaining with sounds and images where you actually come look at things that move and make noises. And the excuse, the alibi, is that you can actually go in and take a look at some artwork, which generally people don't tend to see - pre-production artwork.