Mr Flibble Talks To... Flibble: Resurrection
As the Red Dwarf web-site goes on-line, Mr Flibble takes his biro to meet the ink and paint of the man responsible for the site's glowing artwork, the conceptual artist renowned for such movies as Alien: Resurrection, The Fifth Element and Gladiator - Sylvain Despretz
20 November, 2000
Sylvain Despretz
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard
Moebius (Mentor)
John Singer Sargent (Painter, portrait artist)
Jean Lëon Gërome (French Orientalist painter)
Jean Claude Forest (French comic artist, creator of Barbarella)
Andrew Loomis (American 50's illustrator)
Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema (Illustrator, painter)
Katsuhiro Otomo (Animation director/Manga artist)
Frank Lloyd Wright (Architect)
Miro (Painter)
Gil Elvgren (50s pin-up artist)
My favourite: beautiful, original, fun; it serves absolutely no purpose.
The most useful search engine I've found on the World Wide Web.
Los Angeles is good for few things; it is home to the greatest radio station in the universe - available on-line.
Great web story, about the 'truth' behind The Exorcist.
Great design, great downloads - particularly if you use Winamp or Sonique Mp3 players.
Talk about high-concept - design, music and creating online in real time.
Modest in design but great in content; a must for illustration and comics lovers.
Lovely design, great art, dark and beautiful.
They've begun! People are broadcasting their original creations, and in some cases they're interactive.
A bit like jibjab - well worth a look!