Mr Flibble Talks To... Tumbling Gunmen
Within seconds of meeting the Red Dwarf posse, Lee Harvey Oswald was left hanging on for dear life. Toby Aspin explains the fine art of playing history's most notorious patsy - for laughs.
11 May, 2001
Toby Aspin
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard
Toby Aspin's Top Ten Loves
1 Some Like It Hot
2 Watching butter melt on crumpets
3 E-type Jaguars
4 Topless beaches
5 Being the lead in a quality film (no, really)
6 English summer evenings
7 Friends
8 Real Ale
9 A threesome
10 The Simpsons
Toby Aspin's Top Ten Aspirations
1 Never having nightmares that I'm on The Krypton Factor
2 Blue movie version of The Teletubbies
3 World peace where we all bathe each other in spiritual light
4 Cough mixture
5 Someone to fix my computer
6 Alcohol that doesn't give you a hangover
7 Automatic car washers
8 Blue Peter badge (I never had one)
9 A threesome (any offers?)
10 The saying 'A good song can make you late for work, a great one can make you leave!'