Mr Flibble Talks To... Penguin and Hawks
Novelist and five times Red Dwarf guest star Tony Hawks takes a quick stroll with Mr Flibble.
9 August, 2002
Tony Hawks
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard
QHi Tony, i'm a spanish boy how knows that you are the biggest pro skater in all world, yeahhhh.
ADear Luis,
Well done.
Tony Hawks.
PS. There are only three h's in yeahhh.
QI have recently started skateboarding, I can't ollie to save my life. How do I?
ADear Tim,
It is very unlikely that you will ever have to ollie to save your life. In fact, I can't think of a sequence of events that would lead to such an eventuality. So my advice would be to just leave it and do a bit of quiet reading instead.
Tony Hawks
Qhello i'm daniel i'm @ school and i need some tips.
Here's my tip.
Pay more attention in geography.
Tony Hawks
ive got 100% on every level with everyone except the secret tape on new york can u please tell me where it is
thanks Jon
ADear Jon,
It's in the cupboard under the stairs.
Tony Hawks
QDear Tony
my name is justin verklas im 13 and i can do a lot of tricks i dont skate vert but i am realy good at street i can do a lot of tricks ill name them FLIP TRICKS i can kickflip heelflip 360flip fronsideflip backsideflip verialflip 180 frontside and backside. nollieflip nollie heelflip nollie shuvit . shuvit nollie verialheelflip nollie verialflip fakie fronside and backside flip fakie360flip GRINDS ican kickflip to 50 50 kickflip fronside and backside boardslide frontside boardslide nollie 50 50 kickflip backside lipslide fronside lipslide fronside nose grind fronside 5-0 backside 50 50 backside 5-0 bacside and fronside smith salad crooked grind k- grind bacside nosegrind tail and nose slide bakside feeble and i can boardslide handrails and get into and grind but not land yet k-grinds down hand rails the reason im writing you is beacause i want 2 be sponsored by birdhouse i always thought they sucked but when i got one its my all time favorite board please sponsor me tony and e-mail me back letting me know if you will and send me the address and ill send a tape of me skating thanks tony your number one fan justin verklas
ADear Justin,
Yes you can do all those things, but ask yourself - what are you like at punctuation?
Tony Hawks