Mr Flibble Talks To... Making The Novel Graphic
Ask any professional comic book artists to list their ten biggest influences, and you can bet that Will Eisner will be right up at the top. His creation - The Spirit - created much of the artistic language still used in comics today. And that was before he moved on to bigger and better things. Mr Flibble talks to the man who created the graphic novel...
23 February, 2001
Will Eisner
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

Born in 1917, Will Eisner is considered by many to be the most important name in comic book history. His style of writing and illustration shaped the way comics are made today.

His most famous creation was The Spirit, a crime fighter with no extraordinary powers. His side-kick was Ebony White, a young black boy.

Eisner wrote and drew a great many graphic novels - a term he coined himself - as well as instructional books.

The Spirit : Archives Vol. 1
A Contract With God
A Family Matter
The Last Knight : An Introduction to Don Quixote (With Miguel De Cervantes)
Life on Another Planet
New York the Big City
The Building
A Signal from Space Invisible People
City People Notebook
The Dreamer
Dropsie Avenue: the Neighborhood
A Family Matter
A Life Force
The Princess and the Frog
To the Heart of the Storm
The Will Eisner Reader
Graphic Storytelling