Dimension Jump XI

Friday Night

The shock of a gaggle of bearded Rimmers introducing Chris Barrie to the stage might be disturbing to some, but for a Dimension Jump it's very much par for the course.

Arriving to host the Friday night 'pub quiz', Chris was awestruck by the mighty display of projection technology available. "Look at the technology over there! A table full of wires and cables..." Fans were divided into random teams (though some cheekily stuck to their own groups in the hopes of pooling Dwarfian expertise), and the challenge began.

A harsh taskmaster - "let's keep the noise down; concentrate" - Chris immediately pounced on those daft enough not to understand that your team will only succeed if you keep your answers to yourself. "I heard an answer, there. The idea is to win!"

While the 100 questions (minus a few that relied on a non-functioning sound system) zipped past, Chris wasn't about to let it drag on any longer than necessary. "We want to get through these before Euro 2004 finishes." Mind you, the odd question would drive him to reminiscence - such as a location shot of a certain beach in Rhyll. "We stayed at the 70 Degree Hotel. But it wasn't 70 degrees. It was freezing."

Still, after carefully identifying the Jaguar that appeared in Better Than Life, Chris found some questions beyond even his knowledge... though he covered it well. "That [question] makes perfect sense to me. I hope I haven't stumbled on the Blake's 7 convention by mistake."

With the man himself off signing autographs, a scary singalong began under the auspices of Cult TV. Want to hear 200 Red Dwarf fans sing the theme from the Muppet Show? Nope, us neither... but it seemed impolite not to join in. Plus Tongue Tied was thrown into the mix - that's always good.

With the winning quiz team announced, goodies auctioned off and the bar open, it was time to move on. Who knew what would happen on Saturday. (Actually we all did. It was in the program. They're jolly well organised, the Fan Club.)