Dimension Jump IX


It was a great year for prizes, give-aways and auction items, that's for smegging sure. American merchandise - collectors' and playing cards - practically leapt into the hands of hungry fans. But the best was yet to come. Where else could you get hold of genuine props and costumes from Red Dwarf?

Fevered bidding wars shook the room. A psi-scan was the big winner, selling for £500 - but Rimmer's holoship tunic, Epideme's virus projector, the Incimerex blasting plastic and a series VIII second technician's uniform each took in the vicinity of a respectable £400 apiece.

Also snapped up this year were videos, storyboards, a Dibbley mop-head wig, JMC signs, a GELF mask and, worrying, a Reggie Dixon album signed by Chris Barrie. I held onto Mr Flibble tightly to keep him from the frenzy for Dwarfabilia.

With a fine round of well-deserved applause, the club team said their farewells to the remaining attendees. Pot Noodles were hurled into the audience - with scant regard for safety. Team member Caz managed to strike a chandelier by mistake, nearly bringing it down on the projector! Suffice to say it ended up bent and swinging - the chandelier, that is, not the pot noodle.

So, with insurance claims filed, bank balances reduced to negative numbers, fans copped-off, the bar drunk dry and hangovers finally subsiding, we all made our weary way home. It was one of the best Dimension Jumps ever.