Dimension Jump IX

Friday Night

Recreating a moment from Back in the Red, the DJ team slinked in front of the assembled throng with the effortless cool of... well, a family of Dibbleys, let's face it. This crowd-pleasing turn was just the first of many things over the weekend to bring cheers from the masses. It was a good one.

Kicking off in style, host Den bounded amongst the fans for a series of Graham Norton-style 'stand-up/sit down' questions. "Stay standing if you've travelled from overseas." Ably heckled/assisted by Ruth, we can at least report that the opportunities for innuendo were suitably plentiful.

Then it was the traditional fan quiz - boys versus girls. Tough questions came thick and fast, broken up by more challenging rounds such as episode title charades and mango juice squeezing. Sugar Puff sandwich eating contest anyone? "Once you've finished, the loos are over... there." The round - and indeed the whole contest - went, after a tie-break and for the first time, to the boys. But as rogue Sugar Puffs were found floating in one of the gentlemen's lavatories shortly after the competition, this correspondent demands a recount.

Bay 47 was next; Red Dwarf's very own Room 101. Special surprise guest Lee Cornes - formerly Paranoia in series I - picked his four items to eradicate from existence. EastEnders - "even though they hate one-another, they have to end up in the Vic to overhear each other" - and dogs - "They're not real animals. They're messed-up wolves. They're mis-managed genetically." Plus supermarkets and long bars ("Only two people serving, and one of them's probably the cleaner") both made it in.

Preceding a break for the merchandise room - the fans doing their remarkable impression of a stampede of... well, people in black T-shirts wanting to buy stuff - there was a vote for favourite episode. The winner to be screened immediately. Votes for series V narrowed it down, and Back to Reality seemed a dead cert - but no! Quarantine was the winner by a mile. Mr Flibble was very happy.

Then on to another Bay 47, this time featuring Mac McDonald. Cats were first up, hotly pursued by gentlemen's toilets - "It's like going into a place where a guy's colon exploded" - teenagers - "I think Harry Enfield underplays it" - and doctor's waiting rooms - "When I was a doctor, the thing I hated most was a waiting room full of people!"

Friday Night at DJ:IX ended, as every night has done since time out of mind (well, where were you in 1992?), in the bar. But there was plenty to greet the hungover and exhausted on Saturday.