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  2. BigOleDummy
    Darkness darkness, be my blanket Cover me with the endless night Take away away the pain of knowing Fill the emptiness of right now
  3. BigOleDummy
    Darkness darkness, long and lonesome Is the day brings me here I have found the edge of sadness I have known the depths of fear
  4. BigOleDummy
  5. BozBoo
    I like the pretty lights...
  6. BigOleDummy
  7. BigOleDummy
    My Status? I don't need to show you no stinking status!
  8. Ant E
    Ant E Pembers
    Currently putting my affairs in order... whilst on Ron Pembers' (as the taxman) profile
  9. BozBoo
    Why won't you let me love? Won't you let me love? I wanna feel your love I want your creature love
    1. Ant E
      Ant E
      Wot U wear in
      Jan 21, 2018 at 1:55 AM
  10. BigOleDummy
    Curses! Foiled Again! NOT !!Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. Ant E
    Ant E UncleBernie
  12. Ant E
  13. Ant E
    Ant E drumjay
    Where are you????
  14. BigOleDummy
  15. BigOleDummy
    Benders Cat say MeeeOW!
  16. BigOleDummy
  17. BigOleDummy
  18. BigOleDummy
  19. Ant E
    Ant E jacksolomonsmith
    My arch nemesis before the days of Tex and BigOleDummy
  20. Ant E
    Ant E angelajohnson
    Are u coming back to the forum? Go on, ya know ya wanna