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  1. Rageofangels

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    Apr 14, 2009
    If you had to pick six episodes that you could watch, what would they be and why? It could be historical reasons (the first episode you saw) or just a superbly written episode, or maybe because it has one of your favourite jokes in it.

    Here's my 6 of the best!

    1 - S1.2 Future Echoes
    The first episode I ever saw, and still to this day I find it extremely funny and well written. Love the future selves discussions.

    2 - S2.1 Kryten
    The only downside to this episode is that Robert wasn't Kryten! Nothing wrong with David Ross, but it would have been cool if Robert had been Kryten since the start. So many great lines in this ('Are you sure they're dead') and the way the crew of RD alltry to smarten themselves up to impress the women is great.

    3 - S2.5 Queeg
    Brilliant episode with a killer ending. Laughed so hard when Holly appeared at the end saying "Jape Of The Decade". Spent ages talking about it at school too!

    4 - S6.2 Legion.
    I found this episode really entertaining, and written very well too. Not that many folks seem to talk about this episode but I thought it the best of series 6 and have watched it many times over.

    5 - S7.1 Tikka To Ride
    Man, what a start to series 7. Unfortunately the rest of the series couldn't live up to that first episode, and from that moment on RD took a bit of a nosedive until series X. The whole JFK shooting himself idea was pure class, and some of the lines were side splittingly funny.
    "Foods good!"
    "Yeh! What is it?"
    "It's that human we found earlier!"

    6 - S10.4 Entangled
    I loved so many things in this episode, from Kryten and Cat being quantum entangled to the "I lost Rimmer too" line. This really proved that RD still had bags and bags of class, even after all those years!

    Honorable mention - S12.4 Mechocracy
    I found this new episode to be so funny that it felt like I should add it to the list, but given that I've only watched it twice I thought it was a bit early to do that!
  2. SweatyChimpBoy

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    Sep 16, 2016
    Ok here's mine...

    1. Back to Reality.
    Its just such a classic. From the brilliant set designs to the great story it's always a fun one to watch.

    2. Quarantine.
    Love this one as it's silly but not pantomime silly or ott. Rimmer is brilliant and who doesn't love Mr Flibble?.

    3. Kryten.
    Oh what could have been with David Ross in the latex mask. He's brilliant as Kryten and series 2 is just great as it has that hopelessness of the situation that they truly are alone except for mechanoids and alternate reality lifeforms.

    4. Polymorph.
    Really good fun and funny episode that was unique and excellently done. The cast are on top form.

    5. Psriens.
    Probably one of the first episodes I ever watched and series 6 as a whole is probably my favourite. Great story and very funny.

    6. Officer Rimmer.
    This episode cemented my renewed love for Red Dwarf. I think without this episode I would have lost fail in the revival. Funny and brilliant Rimmer Monster!
  3. AJ Smegface

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    Apr 18, 2011
    Here's my six, my Desert Island Dwarf so-to-speak...

    1) Marooned: I wanted to include a series I/II episode in here (ideally Future Echoes or Kryten) and deliberately omit Marooned, but this episode is too darn good to ignore. It's Red Dwarf stripped back to it's core, the odd couple Lister and Rimmer dynamic, and it's pretty much the best two-hander you'll see in comedy anywhere.

    2) Polymorph: Simply put, my favourite episode of Red Dwarf ever, hands down... Or at least one hand down (I'll explain in a minute...).

    3) DNA: The best Kryten-centric episode in my opinion. We see Robert Llewellyn in the flesh, the crew take on the curry monster, and some of my favourite RD jokes/moments feature in this one too (namely Lister and Kryten's double polaroid exchange, Rimmer telling Kryten to cover the front and the back so he can stay in the middle, and Cat's zinger to Kryten once he becomes human... "Yeah, but you lost your looks!").

    4) White Hole: Despite Polymorph, I consider this to be the best ensemble piece when you include Holly's role in the episode (as well as ex-Kryten David Ross' appearance as Talkie Toaster!). But seriously, what is it? ;-)

    5) Meltdown: Some might think what the hell, but I love this one. It's so funny, it cracks me up everytime. Also, I think Lister's closing "land of freedom" speech is epic.

    6) Officer Rimmer: So, that hand I mentioned earlier regarding Polymorph? I do think Officer Rimmer is as good as Polymorph, it's as close to perfect Red Dwarf as I see it, the only reason I'd say Polymorph is my number one is because it focuses on all the Boys from the Dwarf.

    Additional: I would have liked to include Legion in there too, but ah well.
  4. Pembers

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    Jan 4, 2013
    The End
    The Inquisitor
    Out of Time
    Stoke Me A Clipper
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  5. BigOleDummy

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    Sep 16, 2017
    Where you least expect
    Wow, our desert island 6 are damn close!

    1- Queeg - My favorite episode period. I STILL remember how bummed I felt the first time watching it when Holly "erased" himself and my elation when the Jape was revealed! "Yeah Rimmer, fight that flab!" gets me every time still!
    2- The End - I know it drags in a spot or two but its a great origin story and very funny mostly.
    3.- The Inquisitor - "Get out of this one"
    4.- Officer Rimmer - Its just so...... Rimmer. One of the elite Dwarf episodes and a episode I just can't believe hadn't been made sooner. At his weaslley best here, riding the corridor, the TV stations, the Barbershop Quartet , Chris owns Rimmer and is a joy to watch.
    5.- Back to Reality - Well written, well acted and funny as hell, I like this one a lot.
    6.- Stoke Me A Clipper/Dimension Jump - Yeah, I cheated but these two belong together like Ham and Cheese belongs together.
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  6. Bluey

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    Jul 28, 2001
    Back to Reality
    This will always be my favourite. In fact, it's my favourite episode of anything ever.

    Out of Time
    Excellent and intriguing plot that constantly goes in unexpected directions culminating in probably the best final scene of any Red Dwarf episode.

    Gunmen of the Apocalypse
    The Western setting works wonderfully and results in one of the best episodes of all time.

    Fantastic dialogue and great performances by Craig and Chris.

    Great mix of slapstick and funny dialogue and featuring a memorable guest character.

    My favourite of the Dave era and the first episode of Red Dwarf since Out of Time to actually feel to me like Red Dwarf.
  7. BigOleDummy

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    Sep 16, 2017
    Where you least expect
    Yeah, one of my favorite lines ever is in Kryten ...... "Are you a Doctor"?
  8. Chris D

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    Dec 28, 2015
    Leicestershire, UK
    I love that entire scene, but my favourite line is: "My God! I was only away 2 minutes!"
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  9. FeeBee

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    Jan 4, 2016
    I tried to spread mine out over the series, but it was very tempting to choose all of 5 or 6
    Queeg - One of my favorites of the early series
    Marooned - Fantastic Rimmer Lister epsisode
    Justice - I like the idea of the justice system and like thinking of what if senarios when I watch this episode one of my favourites
    Quarantine - Insane Rimmer and Mr Fibble, one of my favourite episodes
    Out of Time - Fun to watch
    Twentica - favorite episode of the Dave stuff

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