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    Hi everyone!

    As you can hopefully see from my profile I have been a long term user of reddwarf.co.uk. I am a massive fan of Red Dwarf and have been since I was a nipper. I'm not really one for online forums so I haven't been too active on here, but with the long awaited return of Red Dwarf I have been motivated to post.

    First off I must say, even though I am a huge Red Dwarf fan I had been slightly apprehensive about the shows return, particularly after hearing of one or two of the plot devices. But I have to say, I don't think Red Dwarf has ever been more promising. I don't think it is anywhere near the best the show has been, but then again I don't feel as though it was trying to be. To me this was an enjoyable return of the show and above all...it made me laugh!

    What I feel Back To Earth has acheived is to bring Red Dwarf bang up to date, this feels liek a teaser to me, and that is great...I want to see more of the new ship, more of everything. Granted this special was a little weird...but when was Red Dwarf ever any different?

    I am slightly troubled by all of the negative responses on the forum, you may not have thought BtE was perfect, but I fail to see how, as a Red Dwarf fan, you could fail to find it funny and an exciting taste of what is hopefully to come.

    Anyway, I just felt the need to add my own positive opinion to the board in an attempt to balance things out a little.

    I think I will also take the opportunity to congratulate everyone involved in BtE, I am a film director myself and I was very impressed with the quality of BtE and the ingenuiety employed to pull it off, truly inspiring, and in some ways just the way Red Dwarf always was. And thanks to Andrew as well for the info I have enjoyed on this site over the years, long may it continue! The build up to BtE has been fantastic, really really great, and the day in Berkeley Square is one I wont soon forget...well done everyone!

    It's a good time to be a dwarfer!

    Enjoy it!!!


    can I plug my film Andrew ;-)

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