A Movie From Each Decade 40s-10s

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  1. BozBoo

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    May 12, 2003
    I decided on my rest days that I would watch a film from each decade from the 1940s-2010s. What would you curate for your list? Here's mine...

    40s - His Girl Friday
    50s - The Night of The Hunter
    60s - Point Blank
    70s - Network
    80s - Fright Night
    90s - As Good As It Gets
    00s - Traffic
    10s - Nebraska
  2. BigOleDummy

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    Sep 16, 2017
    Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass
    Well, if this is the list of what movie from each decade I'll watch next it will be these. As opposed to my FAVORITE movie from each decade which I'll put in brackets afterward.

    40's - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (Casablanca-also my favorite movie of all time)
    50's - Stalag 17 (Rebel Without A Cause)
    60's - Dr. Strangelove (Cool Hand Luke)
    70's - A Bridge Too Far (Taxi Driver/A Clockwork Orange)
    80's - Blue Velvet (Back To The Future)
    90's - Starship Troopers (The Matrix/Goodfellas/Pulp Fiction)
    00's - Little Miss Sunshine (Donnie Darko)
    10's - Django Unchained (Django Unchained)

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