A possible catch-all explanation of the meteor

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    Hey! I was just tooling around on one of the RD Facebook boards, where a discussion on the meteor in Red Dwarf's underbelly was taking place. After going back and forth, I came up with a scenario that could account for all the different explanations given in various RD media concerning it's existence in both models of the ship:

    "The squat version did, in fact, have a meteor bay, which was destroyed when Holly grossly miscalculated the size of a meteor (a small moon that was ripped from its orbit) they planned to mine, causing them to collide with it and lodging it in the underbelly. Rather than spend the money to dislodge it, the JMC, in all its bureaucratic-ness, decided not only to leave in it, but to take advantage of the opportunity and mine it anyway.
    Eventually, when the nanobots rebuilt the ship, they used the ship's original design specs, which consisted of two meteor bays. The nanobots, not knowing what to do with all the raw material taken from the lodged meteor that they had deconstructed along with the ship, built two smaller ones to fit inside these bays. BAM! problem solved."

    Anyway, yes, it's all fiction/TV/whatever and doesn't matter, I just did it for fun.
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    Works for me!

    I think probably the real reason there is a meteor embedded in the bottom is because the prop-maker probably thought it would look cool. ;-)
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