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    Yes, I know, a terrible pun.

    Now, onto business. I've read (and love) the RED DWARF novels: RED DWARF (or INFINITY WELCOMES CAREFUL DRIVERS), BETTER THAN LIFE, LAST HUMAN and BACKWARDS. And I've also got RED DWARF VIII (the script book), PRIMORDIAL SOUP - the least worst scripts, SON OF SOUP - a second serving of the least worst scripts, RED DWARF: THE MAKING OF (which focused on the filmimg of Gunmen of the Apocalypse), THE SPACE CORP DIRECTIVE SURVIVAL GUIDE, THE LOG (by Craig Charles) and The Log. no 1996.

    Well, how about another series of novels based during the series. Doctor Who has done it numerous times and recently with it's Ninth/ Tenth (and I'm guessing 11th) Doctor Who New Adventures.
    We could learn more of the adventures of what happened during the gaps of the series (plus, a little more insight into what Lister was feeling when he found out he was going to be a mother). We could also learn more about Lister, Rimmer, Cat, Holly, Kryten and Kochanski.

    Once again, all views and ideas welcome. :idea:
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    I'm not sure Doug Naylor could write half a dozen or so 'Red Dwarf' novels a year... :lol:
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