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    Hey Dwarfers, loving this site so far! Great place to get all of my RD news and discussions.

    Last month I got Netflix hooked up for my niece on her Ipad and the first series that I showed her was Red Dwarf obviously. To my surprise she loved it (I was surprised as she is only 11 and mainly watched cartoons) and has watched the first 9 seasons already, we are going to watch the new ones together. I want to support her new found passion in RD, so I plan on getting her some nerdy little gifts for her birthday at the end of July.

    I have managed to get one of those bundle things that you can get that is only full of Red Dwarf merch, but I feel like most of that is not going to be that cool since it was made to sell these boxes. I want to get some of the older merch, mainly action figured. I am not a big fan of using Ebay so I was hoping that some of you great members could point me in the right direction. I am hoping to get some stuff like this [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance gang!

    I talked with some members on here and they didn't seem to want to get rid of their figures (understandably) so instead I checked out this website that someone sent me. There were tons of actions figures that I was able to bid on from and somehow won a couple. Needless to say, my niece is going to love her birthday.
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    Welcome to the forum, I'm afraid I don't know the answer here but perhaps @Seb can help?
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