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    Oct 25, 2009
    As we know Series 7 used additional writers for the show, and the general conclusion was that they did not fully understand the show well enough for them to produce the quality which we expected. Could it be that this was just not the right time to use them or they were used in the wrong way, as this method seems to work quite well for Doctor Who. If you look at the episodes where the new writers had contributed too, they were mostly involved at key plot development unlike Doctor Who where the key moments are written by the head writer. We had Rimmer leave as Ace which was very significant, the re-discovery of Red Dwarf and the new Kochanski balance. The episode Duct Soup would have been ideal for an additional writer. In my opinion the best show was Beyond A Joke as it was a self contained episode and you don't necessarily need to understand the show in order for it to work, except of course if you are drawing on and using previous established plot elements and particular character traits. If the show was to use additional writers again I think that they should only be used in the self contained episodes and not in areas for the overall story plot developments. Any other thoughts?

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