Adventures of the alternate Dwarfers

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    Deep Space in the 15th Century
    How did Series I-VII unfold from the point of view of the alternate-reality crew. Kochanski comes out of stasis, Holly tells her everyone's dead, and she's all alone, technically speaking. Holo-Lister walks out and asks her if the pile of dust in the drive-room is really him. They experience Future Echoes where Kochanski aged 171 appears to herself. They get a message from Kryten, but instead of three women his crew is two women and a man? They never discover the stasis leak because holo-Rimmer never existed, thus human-Rimmer never wrote about it in his diary. Holly invents the Holly-Hop drive and they go to a Parallel Universe and meet their opposite-sex counterparts, Kristopher Kochanski and Deb Lister the hologram. Because men get pregnant in that world, Kristine sleeps with Kristopher and leaves him behind, pregnant.

    A bomb scare results in Kochanski and Lister swapping bodies. Lister locks himself in the shower for days. They discover a psi-moon full of curry and lager. A planet full of wax-droids fighting each other, but no one's really bothered. A Psiren boards the ship disguised as Kochanski. Legion upgrades Lister to hardlight. Ace Lister turns up and tells Dave Lister he needs to join the chain of Ace Listers.
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    Interesting thread.

    Why, though? This isn't a Parallel Universe-style scenario, where one global variable is arbitrarily different. This is more like a "many worlds" scenario, where a single event plays out differently. Events on Red Dwarf wouldn't affect the crew of the Nova 5. There's no need for Kochanski to have a prospective "date" on the Nova 5, just because Rimmer had one.

    Why would there be an Ace Lister? Ouroboros takes place after Rimmer leaves - but Holo-Lister is still with Kochanski. If their adventures were exactly parallel, and there was an "Ace Lister", Holo-Lister wouldn't be there by the time we meet Kochanski.

    Also, Ace isn't a property of the main Dwarf universe. We can assume he still existed in his own dimension, and set off on a dimension-hopping adventure - eventually founding the whole "Ace" franchise. Perhaps Kochanski and Holo-Lister had some dealings with him (or one of his successors) too?
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    The only major differences we've observed about Kochanski's dimension is the fact the she survived the nuclear disaster, the JMC uniforms were blue and Kryten had a gold chasis.

    When they rescued Kryten, Kochanski probably turned out to be a better mentor than Rimmer and Lister of the regular universe were. She probably treated him with respect and taught him to break his programming by appreciating the finer things in life like she did - art, nineteenth-century literature, opera etc., instead of being used as Rimmer's slave and Lister teaching him to lie and cheat.

    Generally, I expect they've had less adventures as the Boys from the Dwarf generally get themselves into trouble thanks to their own incompetence and stupidity.
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    Yes, I think everything in Kochanski's universe was the same prior to Frankenstien the cat mewing and alerting her. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's the exact same universe up until then, as that flashback in Ouroboros showed us when the split occurred.

    I wouldn't even read too much into the change of uniforms. Maybe it was a previous version that changed shortly after, or in-universe, the characters see it as exactly the same. (Much like the two Kochanskis look the same in-universe, hence our Lister recognising Chloe Annett's Kochanski. ) In other words the designers/production team wanted to go for a new look retcon. In series 8 they decided to go back to the original.

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