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  1. Jarvio

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    Apr 26, 2003
    Has this been done before?
    I attempted the impossible, and rank-ordered every RD episode from best to worst IMO.
    Here's my list:

    1. Legion
    2. Meltdown
    3. Back To Reality
    4. Quarantine
    5. Marooned
    6. Stoke Me A Clipper
    7. Terrorform
    8. Stasis Leak
    9. Emohawk: Polymorph II
    10. Timeslides
    11. Bodyswap
    12. Backwards
    13. Gunmen Of The Apocalypse
    14. Out Of Time
    15. Psirens
    16. Queeg
    17. Duct Soup
    18. Demons And Angels
    19. Holoship
    20. The Inquisitor
    21. Justice
    22. DNA
    23. White Hole
    24. Entangled
    25. Nanarchy
    26. Beyond A Joke
    27. Tikka To Ride
    28. Thanks For The Memory
    29. Rimmerworld
    30. Camille
    31. Better Than Life
    32. The Beginning
    33. Lemons
    34. Dimension Jump
    35. Cassandra
    36. Fathers And Suns
    37. Confidence And Paranoia
    38. Only The Good...
    39. Back In The Red: Part II
    40. Epideme
    41. Polymorph
    42. Waiting For God
    43. Me2
    44. Parallel Universe
    45. Krytie TV
    46. The End
    47. Pete: Part I
    48. Pete: Part II
    49. The Last Day
    50. Kryten
    51. Future Echoes
    52. Ouroboros
    53. Back In The Red: Part III
    54. Dear Dave
    55. Trojan
    56. Blue
    57. Balance Of Power
    58. Back In The Red: Part I
    59. Back To Earth: Part III
    60. Back To Earth: Part II
    61. Back To Earth: Part I

    All in all.... I get huge enjoyment out of the vast majority of episodes. This is one consistent show. The only 'truly' weak link for me is BTE, all three parts. But even that isn't as bad as I previously thought. But still, it is by far the worst thing the show ever did for me. Other than that, 1-58 on my list are ALL decent episodes, with the higher ones obviously standing out more for me.
  2. Mardroid

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    Mar 15, 2004
    I couldn't ranks all episodes individually. Surely some would share rank? And I like different things in specific episodes.
  3. Seb

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    Oct 31, 2011
    JMC HQ
    The "Silver Survey" on Ganymede & Titan was based on readers ranking every episode in order, too. There's discussion of the results over at the site.

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