Are you a sci-fi and/or fantasy fan, and why?

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    I don't actually think this is too stupid a question here, as a lot of Dwarf fans seem to be sitcom/humour fans rather than sci-fi diehards.

    When I was young, my favourite genre was a toss-up between sci-fi and fantasy. Virtually all of my reading was fantasy. I actually read very little sci-fi, but Red Dwarf and Hitchhiker's Guide were (still are!) two of my favourite franchises.

    I would actually say I've lost interest in both genres, other than the two series I named and Doctor Who. I no longer consider myself much of a fantasy or sci-fi fan, and have never bothered watching Game of Thrones.

    Part of the problem was, I think most of my passion for speculative fiction was the idea of being immersed in another world. E.g., "Wouldn't it be amazing to look up and see a dragon? Wouldn't it be amazing to look up and see two suns?" As I grew up, it dawned on me that another world would just feel normal if you actually lived in it. There's stuff in the real world that's every bit as amazing as sci-fi and fantasy - the blue whale, long haul flights, electric lighting, etc. - but we don't go around thinking "wow, isn't this amazing" unless we make a conscious effort to. If I lived in a fantasy world with two suns and dragons, I would probably spend most of my time feeling annoyed because I went to town and forgot to pick up sunscreen, and then maybe watch half of a David Attenborough about dragons before getting bored and putting QI on.

    Being in another world (or time) wouldn't necessarily mean doing something interesting. E.g., in the 80s, if a sci-fi hero got a message on a portable communicator, I would think, oh my god, wouldn't that be amazing. But I sort of took it for granted that, if I had such a device, I would be getting messages about how aliens were attacking, so I could jump in my spaceship and fly off to fight them. I now live in a future where I get messages on my portable communicator (which is twice as fancy as the ones in 80s sci-fi), but it's mostly just my mum asking how I am. So I eventually realised that, if I lived in Middle Earth or on a spaceship, I wouldn't get invited on many adventures, and would probably find the lack of home comforts really inconvenient. Admittedly, most of the fantasy/sci-fi is about people who do do interesting things - but I came round to the idea that there's enough of that in the real world, and you don't have to invent another one to have a good story.

    Nowadays, my favourite genre is detective fiction. Do you consider yourself a sci-fi and fantasy fan, and what's your favourite genre?
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    I lije film noir detective diction movies, read any Raymond chandler? I'm another sitcom fan

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