Back to Earth: Episode One

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by Andrew, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. RedDwarf09

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    Great, clearer graphics and CGI bringing Red Dwarf into the 21st century. Well, at least in special effects I mean! The actors look slightly older, but hey, we all get old, don't we? Other than that, a great piece of work. Senn the first and second one, can't wait for the third! :-D Looks like there isn't going to be a Series 9, but a Series 10 instead? Just like Star Wars, it's gonna skip a bit to make it more sci-fialistic.
  2. SFRimmer12

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    Apr 11, 2006

    I was watching Red Dwarf: Back to Earth from beginning to end... and I loved it. Parts that stick out as funny were (apart from all of it:-( the oblivious Rimmer with the crew in danger behind him, oblivious again when Katerina was behind him and only Kryten was aware that she was.

    I can't exactly place my finger on it but I was moved when Lister - dressed in smart-wear - wept as he read Jane Ooustin/ Austin and the tears dropped onto the page. Also, a nice rememberance to the late Mel Bibby.

    I love RED DWARF. I'm glad it's returned and I cannot wait for a full series nine!

    PS: sorry, Andrew, I pressed NEW TOPIC instead of REPLY by mistake.
  3. Cyberwoman

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    May 7, 2008
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    A fantastic start to the new episodes :-D

    The charaters are as fantastic as ever and I just love Katerina (I think theres defintly more to her then meets the eye...) the story is as funny as ever, but its a little slow at first and takes time to warm up.

    The best scene I think was when Dave was at Kochanski memorial thingy, very beautifuly played by Craig :crying:
  4. brautigan

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    Jan 30, 2009
    I've been a fan of Red Dwarf since the very beginning and if Grant/Naylor had had the budget/access to CGI etc back in the late eighties they would have surely taken full advantage of them. Admittedly there were more laughs per pound in the earlier episodes but I can also give you examples of many episodes, earlier and later, which are more story based and less character-quip centred!
  5. lord_velos

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    Please bring back the laugh track! It episodes do not "feel" right without them.

    I don't care if its canned laughter or real laughter but for the love of Dwarf bring back the laugh track!
  6. Quiche

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    Apr 11, 2009
    emohawk spotting ;)
    Thats not how diving bells work :-)
    Basicaly the water pressure keeps the air from escaping through the "moon pool" style hatch in the bottom of it, allowing divers (or giant squid) to enter and leave without using a complicated airlock system, this only works as long as the diving bell is kept upright, if it rolls over then the air can escape and everyone dies :-(

    For a good example, get a glass and turn it upside down, then lower it into a bowl of water, you will then see the air pocket and be able to reach under and poke things into it and see that nothing bad happens unless you tip the glass :-)
  7. theonion770

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    Mar 20, 2002
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    I just watched all three episodes, and I absolutely loved them. Here are my comments about episode 1:

    1) The scenes of the interior of the ship were good. True, the CGI was terrible in some parts. But I thought it did a good job of showing parts of the ship we haven't seen before.
    2) Some good gags at the start, Lister ironing his sneezes to wind up RImmer was brilliant, especially as Rimmer was aware he was doing it. I'm a bit worried now though that the series can't go on if Rimmer is this aware.
    3) The Kotchanski bit was good to see, because we get some good character building from Lister. Not funny enough though! Some humour here would have been good to make it a bittersweet moment.
    4) The diving bell scene where they were being attacked by the squid went on too long. Not enough jokes.
    5) Rimmer dancing. Rimmer's character here totally wasn't right. First he says he's going to read a "Car mag". What? Why not read a book on "Great naval battles of the 14th Century" or somethign equally as "Rimmer". The music he was dancing to was too good. Why not make it hammond organ music? Again this scene went on far too long.

    Thats all for this episode. I think it ended on a good cliffhanger and made me want more! :-D
  8. RyanHouser

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    Apr 16, 2009
    If They Dont Finish Out The Series Im Going TO GO INSANE! All That Emotion... All That Potential... That Was BEAST... PLEASE DO NOT END IT! I'VE BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW SINCE I WAS BORN! :-) GOOD JOB AND THANK YOU!
  9. 2x4b523q

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    Apr 17, 2009
    If I'm honest - it went a bit slow. Lister in the corridor, Rimmer in the sleeping quarters, the whole Garden of Rememberance and generally the thing with that other hologram :?::!:
  10. Kopferkingel

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    Apr 25, 2009
    Hi all. I´m trying to find the name of the song/performer which plays during Rimmer sitting at the sonar while the rest of the crew fights the squid. It is very similar to the music used in IT Crowd series when the guy walks on the street with a lipstick on. Could someone shed a little light on this matter? Thank you.
  11. petetranter

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    Feb 18, 2009
    From the marvellous and very informative episode guide on

    Complete guide to the characters, ships, gadgets and, erm, diseases in Red Dwarf. Library Music - Back To Earth

    Back To Earth - Part 1
    'Happily Never After' by Cody Westheimer (Extreme Music, DCD021 Horror) - Garden of Remembrance.
    Holiday by Madonna, sung by Kryten.
    Getting to Know You / I Whistle a Happy Tune by Ray Coniff, played by Rimmer in the diving bell control room.
    'Grimelab' by Todd Jungsten (West One Music, WOM088 Forensic Beats).
  12. Ant E

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for part two

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