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Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by davidjp28, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. davidjp28

    davidjp28 Skutter

    Apr 11, 2009
    Its great to see Red Dwarf back on our screens again I loved series's 1-6 wasn't so sure about
    series 7 but I enjoyed series 8, as far as my opinion is concerned you can throw as much money
    & top end CGI effects at Red Dwarf as you want but if the scripts are no good it makes very little
    difference, for me Red Dwarf is all about being couped up with people you can barely tolerate its
    not about exciting adventures Red Dwarf is Red Dwarf & thats why its good! it doesnt need to compete
    with Dr Who, Torchwood or Star Trek & my worry is that Dwarf is trying to do just that.. which is a
    shame because those things are distracting the show from what its good at, my advice would be to forget
    making a movie its not going to happen & keep things simple in you're basic lamens terms that a lamen
    would understand don't get above you're stations mateys, keep you're feet on the ground & keep it simple
    for smegs sake!

    I think the new specials having nothing to do with series 8 is a mistake I actually liked series 8 & thought
    Red Dwarf was back to its best again but for some reason we have been fired in a brand new direction, Chloe Annette
    has disappeared as has all the original crew & Holly is no where to be found plus Arnie J is back to being a Hologram
    again & again this is with no explanation.. it just seems like alot of money has been spent making new episodes that
    will attract old & new audiences this is more about brand marketing than it is about expanding the Red Dwarf story
    & characters, I'll say it again these guys are getting above their stations trying to make money & promote the show
    so they can get some more recording time out of Shepparton Studios & the cable channel Dave they're just trying to
    drag the show on for as long as possible & make as much money as possible, i'm glad to see the show back on the air
    don't get me wrong i'm massively pleased but I can't help but say what Kryten said to their future selves in the episode
    Out Of Time "You've all changed, I don't recognise any of you." the posts have been moved & not in a good way, I just hope parts II & III are better but I doubt that they will be, Red Dwarf could come back for a 9th or 10th series but there needs to be different people writing it to refresh it, give it some new life, give me the R.D pen & i'll write a new series which would be as good & successful as series's IV & V, would anybody like any toast? ah so you're a waffle man!
  2. tippy922

    tippy922 Third Technician

    Oct 31, 2003
    Union City New Jersey USA
    Umm...For Pete's Sake, I just want more...give it a shot and like BSG (ugh) they may pull it outta their ass. Yes I said it! "For Pete's Sake". Sue me. I frakin' DARE ya.
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Executive Officer

    Aug 6, 2001
    Please keep the discussion of BTE 1 to the appropriate thread. Thank you.
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