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    Apr 12, 2009
    I guess that I was kinda curious to see how this new half-series pans out compared to the previous ones, so I decided to watch the first episode. I'm happy to say that I was right that, in my opinion, the quality and interest of this series follows on from the previous two. I am however unhappy to say at the same time that this is the big problem.

    Great, if you like sci-fi, americanisms and tired predictability. Comedy is not meant to be strung out though - and i'm afraid, Mr Naylor, that the comedy element that is inserted into your episodes is put in to 'keep the fans happy' and nothing else. It shows right away that his passion lies within science fiction than in comedy or even character bonding. What Mr Naylor fails to understand that when working in a partnership with Rob Grant, the sci-fi part was insterted into to comedy and not the other way round. Without Rob Grant, Naylor has no idea of how to keep the essence alive of what was present in the first serieses. For me, Red Dwarf sailed away at the end of the sixth series. What remained was just exhast fumes, a farewell flatulence. A way a saying that the following was just a last ditch fart of what had already departed a long time b4.

    From the seventh series onwards, Naylor became certain that he could continue the work on his own. For me, his two-series oeuvre leaves me a bitter aftertaste on what was at first a very original comedy - I never missed the first serieses. Shame. And to bring back Kochanski, what an error in series 7, there was never ned to do that - kinda killed the original concept - not to mention that there was no on-screen rapport with any of the other characters, she was just an awful actress for a very unnessecary character. If you run out of ideas for a new episode, why not bow out with dignity rather than rip out the heart of the show - a simple concept really i'll remind you - one human left - terribly alone - far from home.

    And so after much soul searching, ten good years later our Maestro Douggy realises this error and kills Kochanski off, well done old chap. But it's a bit like taping together the pieces of a broken ming vase - too late, the cracks have already set in.

    A big thumbs down for continuing a dishonour on a horse well flogged....

    Reminds me a little of what sky tried to do to Blackadder a few years ago, with an unworthy effort - a transparent demonstration of continuing a format that worked in order to once more squeeze it anew for any money left...

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