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    Hey, fellow Dwarfers.

    Now, we all know the sad news that Holly will not be returning to the specials. Plus, it's been nine years since series VIII ended. D'ya reckon they will do/ could have done a homage to Holly by explaining why there are only four crewmembers on a big five-mile ship?

    Here's how it could go/ could have gone ('cause I'm aware they've filmed it all, now. Still, they could use it for the possible series that we're all hoping for).

    We are travelling a worm-hole type effect (like the beginning of TIKKA TO RIDE and we finally focus on the face of one DAVE LISTER. He is dressed in the costume from series 6.

    LISTER: I think I've got the smegger working, again. Ye-es. Right, it's been...ooh...about 9 years since last time. Although, space looks the same - black with twinkly bits - and doesn't show any signs of age. (SHAKES HEAD) Anyway, this is the mining ship of the Jupiter Mining Corperation Red Dwarf. The 1,168 crewmembers are dead. Well, except for yours truely - who was in Stasis during the disaster and my pregnant cat, who was safely sealed in the hold. Revived three million years later - talk about over-sleeping - my only companions are a life-form, who is an evolved descendant of my pet cat, a mechanoid who I'm still trying to rebel a bit more and (grimaces) Arnold .J. Rimmer, a hologram of my bunkmate and workmate. I hope that's got you up to speed and reminds you of why there's only a few of us on a five-mile ship. Message ends. (Camera turns off, only to be turned back on again seconds later) A few days ago, we almost crashed into a flying blue police box. We didn't manage to catch the regisration. (camera turns off).

    And, each week (I'm still thinking along the lines of series IX), it could be a different character doing an intro (Cat, Kryten, Rimmer...) All views and ideas welcome. :idea:

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