Cerebus Syndrome or First and Ten?

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    I found this long winded article to be interesting. It describes the slide of a comedy into more dramatic elements and pulling it off successfully (ala M*A*S*H) vs a comedy that slides into a more dramatic program and sucks. With the tropes "Cerebus Syndrome" being good (as I understand it) and "First and ten" being bad. With Doug Naylor's increasing interest in adding dramatic elements to Red Dwarf (ie. Season 7 and BTE), do u think that Red Dwarf has become an example of "Cerebus Syndrome" or "First and Ten"?

    I also found the following excerpt from the article [possibly] relevent:

    "If the series has previously been fueled by high weirdness, then the transition can be rocky. Some comics tie themselves in painful knots trying to Ret Con an accumulated pile of weirdness with invented physics. Others sweep the stranger things under the rug and try to present a more respectable face. More often, the weird is left in place, but retrofitted into a more dramatic role. In a good case, the combination of drama and high weird can be invigorating. In a less successful case, it can be excruciating. "

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