Combine 2 Episodes, Make a Better One

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by Pembers, Aug 15, 2016.

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    Thanks for that information...I presume it is from the series 8 official book which I have never bought as other people have mentioned details about that episode but not in as much detail as you have so thank you.

    The one thing I would say though is Doug should have used the original ending of series 8 though still. It's far funnier (Cesiumfrancolithic...), more entertaining and would have rounded off RD rather well if no more RD had been made in the 21st century.

    When the time does come for the last RD episode if there was a similar open but quite positive ending like the original series 8 one then that would be fine IMHO as after all the only other way to finish RD would be for them to travel back to Earth and from what you have told me I'm not sure that that Earth episode would be much good. As long as there is no miserable, perplexing cliffhanger it would be fine for RD to end quite open ended as long as it is quite a happy one too IMHO.

    Maybe an Earth episode that is well written would be more ideal and I guess obviously if the quality is there then fair enough it would be most welcome. The only thing I don't understand is the Dwarfers could have used the time drive to return to Earth at any era so would there be too much of a point to it? Debatable I suppose.

    Anyway rather than talk about the series ending I am now going to think excitedly and dream about the new material!

    Really massive apologies for going so off topic btw but I just wanted to post a response.
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    Future Echoes Backwards.

    Lister sees himself emerge from a lift with 2 babies, he then goes into his bunkroom where his future self tells him that he has 2 sons, Jim and Bexley.

    Rimmer then sees Bexley die before Lister breaks the cats tooth. After having the same conversation in the drive room with 2 different versions of Rimmer, Lister goes back to his quarters and has a shave.
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    Parallel Ouroboros
    The boys end up in a universe where Kochanski survived the radiation leak and her roommate Arlene Rimmer is the ships hologram brought back to keep her sane. The two Cats spend time comparing suit collections, Arnold spends the time hiding from his female self. Kochanski and Lister spend a romantic night with one another.

    When Lister returns to his home dimension Holly tells them that it's possible that Lister might be pregnant due to the different rules of the two universes. To Listers disappointment and Rimmers delight Lister discovers that he is pregnant with Kochanski's child.

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