Comparing Series X Episodes To Previous Series

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    Jan 4, 2013
    Sorry for the rubbish thread title but after reading all the set reports for Series XI and XII I've noticed almost every one says something like 'it reminded me of an episode in Series IV' or suchlike. So I was wondering what episodes you would compare Series X episodes to if you'd just seen them recorded, I hope that makes sense.

    For me I'd go

    Trojan: Dimension Jump, another Rimmer, old Iron balls becoming resentful of him.

    Fathers and Suns: Queeg, crazy computer gives them a hard time.

    Lemons: Maybe Tikka to Ride, they end up on earth, meet a famous historical figure (or think they do), cause a bit of mayhem.

    Entangled:Bit of a cross between Emohawk, Holoship and a smattering of Legion. Lister in a dire situation involving Beggs/Gelfs, a Rimmer love interest and a mad scientist.

    Dear Dave: The whole waiting for results thing, the vending machines and Rimmer's concern about being demoted means it had a bit of 'Balance of Power' about it.

    The Beginning: Might sound a bit left-field but 'Gunmen of the Apocalypse' with Rimmer basically having to win the battle in his own mind against the simulants much like Kryten had to.

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