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  1. geekrock82

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    Jan 18, 2005
    Thanks for the Memory (favourite piece of TV ever)
    Legion (highest laughs-per-minute rate in entirety of Dwarf, IMO)

    ... third one is a toughie. It's not simply a case of picking "favourite three episodes", after all (and since I've already got Legion I wouldn't take Out of Time). I'd probably want a nice, meaty character piece that stands up well to constant re-watching. Me2 or Holoship, probably? Marooned as an outside shot.

    I think on balance... Holoship. Which I didn't expect to say, going into this. Interesting.
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    Jul 28, 2001
    And another ancient thread comes back to life.
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    moo ha ha
  4. Angelic_Storm

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    Apr 13, 2009
    Only 3 episodes? This is a toughie!

    Off the top of my head, I think I'd choose:

    Waiting For God: I just love the story of the cat people, and the Quagaars sub-plot never fails to make me laugh! :-)

    Gunmen Of The Apocalypse: The western inspired theme of this episode is awesome, and the way it was delivered is sheer genius!

    Queeg: A tour-de-force for Norm's Holly, and just an all round great, and hilarious episode. It has a wonderful charm about it. xD
  5. gem5ie

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    May 18, 2011
    I've been avoiding this topic until I can give it the serious consideration it deserves.

    Definitely Thanks for the Memory because it's just awesome; well-written and funny, with some wonderfully tender Lister/Rimmer interaction.


    If I was on the island I'd want something really big and meaty and absorbing that I could watch again and again. I absolutely love series 5 but all the episodes feel quite short somehow. I'd probably pick Gunmen, for its fantastic story and then bizarrely it's all about series 7. A toss up between Tikka to Ride and Ouroborous. Hmmm. Epideme's quite good as well. And Stoke Me A Clipper has the best opening ten minutes of any comedy programme ever. Oooh. I can't decide.

    *thinks more*

    Ippy dippy, my space shippy, on a course so true. Past old Neptune and Pluto's moon, the one I choose is.... Stoke Me A Clipper

    That was hard!! :shock:
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    and look how many extra posts it got
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    Arkham Asylum

    Balance of Power
    Parallel Universe

    Edit - or Marooned, hard choice

    Edit - or Thanks for the Memory, I should stop editing this now.
  8. carparkattendant

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    I'm going for Furure Echoes because it's an early example of Rob and Doug not willing to compromise their vision and Ed Bye leading the chaps towards executing that vision with style!
    Secondly, I'll have Meltdown. The cast chemistry in this show is on top form and I laugh every time no matter how often I see it. 'Caligula, I'm very cross indeed!'.
    Thirdly, I'm going to go for Back In The Red the big 80 minute version. Mainly because I have fond memories of when it was first shown and the promise that the eigth series really was going to be amazing. I still maintain that Back In The Red as a big 80 minute show has much to recommend it and pretty big laughs throughout. Just wish it had been shown as a one hour special in the first place!
    On the same theme, there is a fan edit of Only The Good on you tube called Mirror/Rorrim which vastly improves the transmitted episode by cutting out the really weak jokes, removing all the Talia stuff and including a tightened up version of the original ending. Well worth a watch and proof that there was a good episode filmed but it didn't quite come off in the edit!

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