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  1. Mardroid

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    Mar 15, 2004
    I'm surprised The Beginning was so low. I'd have thought 2nd place at least (probably 1 for me). I can see how certain scenes could have irritated some people, though, but I felt the whole package was way up there.
  2. jmc2000

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    Mar 22, 2009
    No I wasn't!! I didn't think to look at the scores for this exercise, lol. Good spot :-)
  3. jmc2000

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    Mar 22, 2009
    I liked it, but I'd put it there exactly, tbh. Trojan, Fathers and Suns and Lemons all felt like classic Dwarf stories to me, with more laughs to boot.
  4. Stephen

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    A very surprised from me also. Waiting for God is probably my favourite and to be ranked 5th is quite shocking as I feel its a better than The End & Me².

    I largely agree with you on this one JMC. Kryten & Parallel Universe do belong in the bottom half but, for me, series 2 has always been the most difficult series to give a definitive ranking to.

    Marooned & Bodyswap are my two big surprises in this series rank. I personally loved Bodyswap but it was the bad lip syncing from Craig that lets it down.

    That's as close to a tied position as you'll ever get. While I have a more "homely" feeling while watching White Hole compared to Dimension Jump as it was always one of my favourites growing up I really appreciate Dimension Jump and it's standing within RD fandom. Meltdown I was expecting to be in the mid position possibly at the expence of Justice.

    I 90% agree with this and like you JMC I think Holoship deserves at least an 8.6/7. My personal fave from series 5 was always Quarantine.

    Like you not surprised but I'd have thought the last 2 episodes would have been closer together in points rank. My favourite used to be Rimmerworld for quote some time until I started liking Legion a lot more.

    Yes The Munchkin Song rescued Blue from the depths of last or penultimate for me. Stoke Me A Clipper was always gonna win this for me but surprised how close it's turned out.

    Cassandra rescued what was a below average series and I'm not surprised how these have turned out.

    My fiancee's personal favourite (I'm sure she was tripping at the time lol) but for me was one of the weakest returns in Red Dwarf history.

    90% agreed but I'd swap Dear Dave & Entangled around.

    I agree with the top half but would personally swap 6 and bump 4/5 down. I still like Twentica and feel a little sad it's not as universally loved as I'd like it to be.
  5. Jarvio

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    Apr 26, 2003
    Very happy to see Legion ranking so high, my favourite ever episode.

    My second favourite, Meltdown, as usual, doesn't get much love sadly.

    I also think Terrorform and Emohawk are very underrated.

    Interesting list anyway, thanks for sharing!
  6. Jarvio

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    Apr 26, 2003
    Series One

    1.2 Future Echoes: 8.2 (451 votes)
    1.6 Me²: 8.2 (382 votes)
    1.1 The End: 8.1 (515 votes)
    1.3 Balance of Power: 7.8 (403 votes)
    1.4 Waiting for God: 7.8 (378 votes)
    1.5 Confidence & Paranoia: 7.8 (399 votes)

    I'd have Confidence And Paranoia as the best, actually. I'm not mad on series 1 really, so I'm kind of indifferent to the rest of this list, but Balance Of Power is the worst for me (though I never hated it).

    Series Two

    2.5 Queeg: 8.8 (368 votes)
    2.2 Better Than Life: 8.6 (378 votes)
    2.3 Thanks for the Memory: 8.5 (342 votes)
    2.4 Stasis Leak: 8.4 (333 votes)
    2.1 Kryten: 8.2 (366 votes)
    2.6 Parallel Universe: 8.2 (351 votes)

    I'd have Thanks For The Memory at least in second place. I'd have Kryten at the bottom. I reckon I'd have Stasis Leak beat Better Than Life.

    Series Three

    3.3 Polymorph: 8.9 (384 votes)
    3.1 Backwards: 8.7 (429 votes)
    3.2 Marooned: 8.6 (369 votes)
    3.5 Timeslides: 8.3 (332 votes)
    3.6 The Last Day: 8.3 (323 votes)
    3.4 Bodyswap: 8.1 (323 votes)

    Marooned and Timeslides are my favourites of this series, but I am not surprised at the top 3, as they are all very popular episodes. I'd have The Last Day come last.

    Series Four

    4.4 White Hole: 8.7 (312 votes)
    4.5 Dimension Jump: 8.7 (316 votes)
    4.3 Justice: 8.6 (309 votes)
    4.2 DNA: 8.3 (314 votes)
    4.6 Meltdown: 8.2 (318 votes)
    4.1 Camille: 7.8 (317 votes)

    Meltdown is my favourite here, but I know it gets little love. Other than this, the rest are solid episodes and hard to order, but I think I agree with Camille being bottom.

    Series Five

    5.6 Back to Reality: 9.2 (441 votes)
    5.4 Quarantine: 9.1 (391 votes)
    5.1 Holoship: 8.4 (321 votes)
    5.2 The Inquisitor: 8.3 (324 votes)
    5.3 Terrorform: 8.2 (305 votes)
    5.5 Demons & Angels: 8.2 (307 votes)

    Not surprised at all that Back To Reality is at the top. I like Quarantine even more though. But I love Terrorform (underrated), and The Inquisitor is decent. I'd jumble this list up a bit, but I like all episodes here, with maybe Holoship or Demons And Angles competing for last place.

    Series Six

    6.2 Legion: 8.9 (339 votes)
    6.3 Gunmen of the Apocalypse: 8.6 (374 votes)
    6.5 Rimmerworld: 8.5 (300 votes)
    6.6 Out of Time: 8.5 (299 votes)
    6.1 Psirens: 8.2 (311 votes)
    6.4 Emohawk: Polymorph II: 7.9 (285 votes)

    Legion is my favourite so I agree there, although I expected Gunmen to win. I'd place Emohawk much higher, which I really enjoy. I suppose Psirens is last, but it's still quite good.

    Series Seven

    7.2 Stoke Mr a Clipper: 8.3 (316 votes)
    7.1 Tikka to Ride: 8.2 (323 votes)
    7.5 Blue: 7.7 (266 votes)
    7.3 Ouroborous: 7.6 (273 votes)
    7.7 Epideme: 7.6 (254 votes)
    7.8 Nanarchy: 7.4 (248 votes)
    7.4 Duct Soup: 7.2 (268 votes)
    7.6 Beyond a Joke: 7.1 (266 votes)

    Agree with Stoke Me A Clipper being the best. It's always been my favourite series 7 episode. I'd put Blue much lower, I don't think it's a strong episode at all. And I'd also have Ouroboros lower. No dislikes for it, just, I find it a little meh. I dunno, this series is hard to call.

    Series Eight

    8.4 Cassandra: 8.1 (268 votes)
    8.1 Back in the Red: Part 1: 7.6 (259 votes)
    8.2 Back in the Red: Part 2: 7.6 (247 votes)
    8.5 Krytie TV: 7.6 (308 votes)
    8.8 Only the Good…: 7.5 (258 votes)
    8.3 Back in the Red: Part 3: 7.4 (250 votes)
    8.6 Pete: Part 1: 7.1 (243 votes)
    8.7 Pete: Part 2: 6.9 (241 votes)

    Cassandra is definitely the best here, so I agree. All the rest are about the same for me, they're kind of like a jumble, but Only The Good is probably 2nd best.

    Series Nine

    9.3 Back to Earth: Part 3: 6.9 (422 votes)
    9.1 Back to Earth: Part 1: 6.5 (1133 votes)
    9.2 Back to Earth: Part 2: 6.5 (431 votes)

    Couldn't care less about BTE. All 3 parts are about the same for me, and are the 3 worst episodes of the show. If I had to order them, it would probably be 3, 2, 1, but that could easily change.

    Series Ten

    10.1 Trojan: 8.5 (551 votes)
    10.2 Fathers & Suns: 8.3 (319 votes)
    10.3 Lemons: 8.3 (294 votes)
    10.6 The Beginning: 8.3 (241 votes)
    10.4 Entangled: 7.9 (231 votes)
    10.5 Dear Dave: 7.9 (224 votes)

    Entangled and Trojan should swap places! lol. Entangled was great, and I didn't really like Trojan. Each to their own. I agree with Dear Dave being at the bottom, which I find to be a sheer waste of an episode.

    Series Eleven

    11.3 Give and Take: 8 (180 votes)
    11.4 Officer Rimmer: 8 (163 votes)
    11.2 Samsara: 7.9 (203 votes)
    11.5 Krysis: 7.9 (136 votes)
    11.6 Can of Worms: 7.9 (115 votes)
    11.1 Twentica: 7.5 (256 votes)

    Agree with the top 2. Would have Twentica be next, and probably put Samsara last, but I don't hate it.
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  7. UltraDevotee

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    May 11, 2013
    Formby, United Kingdom
    I am pleased that in these ratings Stoke Me a Clipper is recognised as a very strong episode though I would put Tikka to Ride even higher as I feel that is the second best episode - behind Give and Take - of the post-Rob Grant era.

    I must say I am surprised at the lower ratings for series 11 compared to 10 though. Series 10 - though very good - is more of a foundation for the superior eleventh series!
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  8. Talerian

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    Nov 7, 2017
    Here is S12 so far:

    Cured: 7.5 (138 Votes)
    Siliconia: 7.4 (91 Votes)
    Timewave: 6.2 (76 Votes)
    Mechocracy: 7.7 (36 Votes)

    Average is 7.2 so far
  9. Abe

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    Oct 6, 2016
    It's worth noting that that's the worst episode in the ratings as it stands. I wonder if it will go up once more people come back around and rate it.
  10. Abe

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    Oct 6, 2016
    Siliconia and Mechocracy are now both up 0.1 from your original post.
  11. Abe

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    Oct 6, 2016
    Mechocracy is currently rated 7.8, these are all the episodes rated with a 7.9 and lower:

    Do people rate early episodes more highly naturally? Have all the cynics voted first? Is XII really just that bad?
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    Aug 17, 2002
    Here! *points down*

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