Favorite ep from each series ?

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by sundayforsammy, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. nicky_j

    nicky_j Deck Sergeant

    Apr 19, 2009
    1- Balance of Power
    2- Stasis Leak
    3- Timeslides
    4- Meltdown
    5- Quarantine
    6- Legion
    7- Duct soup
    8- Cassandra
  2. MyMindIsGoing

    MyMindIsGoing First Technician

    Nov 12, 2009
    Location, Location is a TV show about houses.
    Many self-loathing apologies in advance of this sickening display of pedantry but...

    Isn't the line, "It's a state-of-the-art sarnie"? (Sarnie being British slang for sandwich.)

    Don't worry, I'll beat myself up. :eek:ops:
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Executive Officer

    Aug 6, 2001
    You are quite correct.
  4. currymonster

    currymonster First Technician

    Apr 6, 2009
    haha thats a classic line, had totally forgotten about it.

    For a time I used to hate all the episodes that made up the 6 of the best box set, like Future Echos for example that many have mentioned as being a fav from respective series. However this was more to do with having only owned this box set for a time, (in the mid 90's when I was but a young boy and the videos were harder to come by) and when I finally got to see other episodes that I hadn't seen since air date / or at all with the releases of the remastard videos etc I used to love watching the other episodes sooo much more and thought they were soo much better because I hadn't seen them anywhere near as much.

    With all the being said though, my list ... and it has been a struggle to compile!

    1. Waiting for God - purely for Rimmer's reaction when he realises "... ITS A SMEGGING GARBAGE POD" and also for Rimmers exclaimation when Lister is ignoring him, "B*STARD". I think I just love watching Rimmer get angry lol

    2. Has to be Kryten, no questions! When Kryten finally realises the crew are dead, the cockpit scene in the Blue Midget, and Kyrtens final line to Rimmer, "swivel on it punk" ... I think that line shaped my childhood!

    3. Backwards - just brilliant! The entire concept and the way it was made so that everything was backwards (although simple) is genius. And I know not strictly from the epsiode, but on the Smeg Ups but when the promotor storms in and we get to hear what he says forwards, almost brought a tear to my eye first time I saw that.

    4. This is a difficult one, either White Hole although I can't quiet put my finger on why, or Meltdown.

    5. Again, a tricky one, either Holoship or Back To Reality. Although only really the latter for the Brummy games tech guy, hes scene and his lines are brilliant.

    6. Emohawk: Pollymorph 2 - Listers line "CHANGE OF PLAN, LEEEEEG IIIIT!" is probably the best line of the series, and the scene leading up to that, and what pushes this ep in front of the others in the series.

    7. Argh, what a dull series. I remember when I was watching this during my marathon the day BTE ep1 first aired. Regretably I forget who on here I was watching it with at the time, however I remember us both egging series 7 on to just get it over with. Until then I used to think series 8 was my least fav series, but watching it after 6 series of excellent comedy it dropped to the bottom of the list. Fav ep ... Tikka To Ride.

    8. After much deliberation, Cassandra as its probably the most "classic style" RD ep in the series. It focuses on the core characters, is set upon ship they have discovered a mystry that gets them into trouble. Where as the others are mainly based around RD with the rest of the new cast envolved on 1 way or another, but having bigger parts than in Cassandra, and its more cheesy and almost sketch show like, especially in Pete Part 1 where Lister and Rimmer are bing marched over and over into the Captains office. The scenes in between just serve as little sketchs, none of which really relate to each other, expect to push the story a long a little.

    There, bet that will cause some controversy!
  5. Rimmer1989

    Rimmer1989 Skutter

    Feb 17, 2005
    Perth, Oz
    Series 1: Me2
    Series 2: Parallel Universe
    Series 3: Bodyswap
    Series 4: Meltdown
    Series 5: Quarantine
    Series 6: Rimmerworld
    Series 7: Blue
    Series 8: Cassandra

    But of course I really love every episode!
  6. CallMeAce

    CallMeAce Third Technician

    Apr 13, 2009
    Titan Hilton
    Series I: Future Echoes
    Series II: Better Than Life
    Series III: Marooned
    Series IV: Dimension Jump
    Series V: Quarantine
    Series VI: Emohawk - Polymorph II
    Series VII: Epideme (Gary Martin was brilliant)
    Series VIII: Krytie TV
  7. CallMeAce

    CallMeAce Third Technician

    Apr 13, 2009
    Titan Hilton
    Clayton Mark was absolutely brilliant. His version of the theme tune was too. Meltdown's not really one of the fan favourites is it? I always thought it was good. Especially Clayton's scene about Arnold Rimmer's Death Machine. :-D
  8. matty9896

    matty9896 Third Technician

    Jun 9, 2010
    Grays, Essex
    I've decided to do something different - every episode, series by series, from the best to worst. (I thought it would be too mind-melting to a complete 52 episode list).

    1. Future Echoes
    2. The End
    3. Me2
    4. Confidence and Paranoia
    5. Balance of Power
    6. Waiting for God

    1. Kryten
    2. Parallel Universe
    3. Stasis Leak
    4. Better Than Life
    5. Queeg
    6. Thanks for the Memory

    1. Marooned
    2. Backwards
    3. Bodyswap
    4. Polymorph
    5. Timeslides
    6. The Last Day

    1. White Hole
    2. Justice
    3. Dimension Jump
    4. Camille
    5. DNA
    6. Meltdown

    1. Quarantine
    2. Holoship
    3. Demons and Angels
    4. Back to Reality
    5. The Inquisitor
    6. Terrorform

    1. Out of Time
    2. Emohawk: Polymorph II
    3. Psirens
    4. Gunmen of the Apocalypse
    5. Legion
    6. Rimmerworld

    1. Nanarchy
    2. Tikka to Ride
    3. Stoke Me A Clipper
    4. Blue
    5. Duct Soup
    6. Epideme
    7. Beyond a Joke
    8. Ouroboros

    1. Back in the Red
    2. Only the Good...
    3. Cassandra
    4. Pete
    5. Krytie TV
  9. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor Console Officer

    Apr 16, 2008
    Peterborough UK
    Somehow, I think I'd missed this thread until now.:lol: Some have a mind like a steel trap, but mine's more like those little tweezers that slide into swiss army knives!:-(

    Series I
    Waiting for God - Many dislike this episode, but my fascination with the nature of belief makes it one of my favourites.

    Series II
    Queeg - It shakes the characters up a little, Rimmer's smugness is assaulted, Lister's slobbish lifestyle is endangered, and the one-liners are great.

    Series III
    The Last Day - I know! The series containing Marooned and Polymorph, and in typical Paul Taylor fashion I choose the dull last episode with Kryten having a crisis of faith. It was a terrific series, but once again the belief angle, coupled with the exploration of our responses to death, makes this episode 'Taylor' made for me.

    Series IV
    Justice - If I were to choose two from this series, it would be between Justice and Camille, and difficult it is to choose one from the two. But I absolutely love Rimmer's trial, and earlier the reactions of the crew to the possibility of a woman being deep frozen on the ship. These things even outweigh the blinding flaw of the simulant ex-prisoner who seemed unable to comprehend the justice field.

    Series V
    Back to Reality - It was between this and Quarantine for this series. Both are classic episodes, but Back to Reality explores the characters more thoroughly, while Quarantine's strength is mainly in it's laugh value.

    Series VI
    Gunmen of the Apocalypse - I feel almost no inclination to explain my choice! Character exploration, humour, novelty and story make this a masterpiece.

    Series VII
    Duct Soup - My least favourite series by an Olympic javelin throw's margin. Some great ideas, but somehow lacking humour and charm. Of a disappointing bunch, Duct Soup had the nearest to what was missing from the series as a whole; some decent time with the characters!

    Series VIII
    Back in the Red: Part III - I liked series VIII! Many didn't, and I think it took me a couple of viewings to get to like it. I found the series a refreshing change, almost a reboot in some ways, and the interaction with the resurrected crew interesting. Back in the Red, with it's virtual reality trial and Rimmer's attempts at underhandedness, was truly in keeping with Dwarf tradition. I liked the humour, Carry On style though some of it may have been. I thought Kochanski finally seemed a part of the crew, and I enjoyed seeing the characters in a situation both different yet similar to that in which they began.
  10. SoundableObject

    SoundableObject Catering Officer

    Sep 25, 2008
    Liverpool England
    Series 1 - Me2
    Series 2 - Better Than Life
    Series III - Backwards - The best 30 minutes of TV ever.
    Series IV - Dimension Jump - Tough choice, DM just makes it because of the snide remarks Rimmer makes about Ace.
    Series V - Back to Reality - Obvious choice I know.
    Series VI - Out of Time - Best cliffhanger ever!
    Series VII - Tikka To Ride
    Series VIII - Krytie TV - The most watchable episode of Dwarf, can watch that over and over again and it never gets boring.
  11. Rageofangels

    Rageofangels First Technician

    Apr 14, 2009
    It's interesting reading your favourite episode of Series 7, Paul. Tikka To Ride is my favourite, but I am also very fond of Duct Soup, and put it in second place. I know lots of people dislike that episode, but I like it because........

    1 - Like you say it is more character driven.
    2 - There's more dialogue where the guys just sit down and talk about things (like they did in series 1 and 2)
    3 - The Marx Bros. reference in the title - yeah, I know that's not important, but it made me smile.
    4 - Some of the jokes (bent Bob, the 'what's that noise' dialogue and the 'boy is it cramped' dialogue)

  12. ALynnL07

    ALynnL07 Third Technician

    Aug 8, 2010
    Out of Time
    Series 1 - Confidence and Paranoia. You get to discover what I believe are two basic emotions controlling a human mind, and how they affect Lister.
    Series 2 - Queeg - The crew is taught a simple lesson to appreciate Holly.
    Series 3 - The Last Day - I know there are other episodes in this series hailed far higher than this one, but I rather like the concept of Kryten breaking out of his formal mode and actually getting drunk. =D
    Series 4 - Justice - Rimmer's trial says it all.
    Series 5 - Terrorform - A rather interesting look into Rimmer's mind, as well as the fact that although they don't mean the lovey-dovey stuff, the rest of the crew would rescue him if he was in any danger.
    Series 6 - Out of Time - A cliffhanger with the "be careful what you wish for or what you might become" as an important message.
    Series 7 - Stoke Me a Clipper - Rimmer's farewell to the series (for a while) almost brought tears to my eyes, and it brought me a little... pride in seeing the original Arnold become the next Ace (it's uplifting to see someone who has hit rock bottom to try and be a hero.)
    Series 8 - Only the Good- The last episode, and another cliffhanger. What made it for me was Rimmer's line at the end, as well as the text at the end. "The end... Like Smeg It is!" It left a sort of bittersweet feeling, as well as again, another emotional tug.

    Runner-ups for my favorites:
    Holo-ship: Yet another fantastic Rimmer episode, where he gets a shot at his dream, and in the meantime discovers love (although he can never be together with the one he loves, and loves him in return.)

    Gunmen of the Apocalypse: Another good look, again, on how the crew help each other in a pinch. There is insights on Kryten a bit, and a little bit of Western action. This is the only one where I actually said out loud "This is a cool episode."

    And finally, Timeslides. We actually see Lister and how he's sick of his life, so he wishes to change it, and it feels a little more real like that. Alternate time lines are explored, and et cetera. (Not to mention the obligatory Hitler joke.)

    Most of my favorite episodes are about Rimmer, but my favorite character's Lister. How did that happen? Dx
  13. betelgeuse

    betelgeuse Catering Officer

    Mar 27, 2010
    I'm gonna list my favorite and least favorite episode from each series in turn;

    Series I; favorite = Future Echoes + least favorite = Confidence & Paranoia
    Series II; favorite = Queeg (though Thanks For the Memory is a close 2nd!) + least favorite = Stasis Leak
    Series III; favorite = The Last Day + least favorite = Backwards
    Series IV; favorite = Dimension Jump (with White Hole as a close 2nd) + least favorite = Meltdown
    Series V; favorite = Quarantine (with Demons and Angels as a close 2nd) + its hard to pick a least favoite because I find all episodes in series V consistantly good...but The Inquisitor.
    Series VI; favorite = Out of Time (with Gunmen of the Apocalypse as a close 2nd) + least favorite = Legion.
    Series VII; favorite = This is cheating...but my favorites are Ouroboros and Beyond A Joke + least favorite = Tikka to Ride!!!
    Series VIII; favorite = joint favorite between Cassandra and Only the Good... + least favorite = joint between Back in the Red: Part 3 and Pete: Part 1 (worst episodes in the whole of the shows)!!!

    Plus, I liked the whole of Back to Earth, although my least favorite bits took place on the set of Coronation Street!
  14. PsychoticallyDerangedkillersimulant

    PsychoticallyDerangedkillersimulant Third Technician

    Sep 23, 2010
    Dismantling program
    S1 - Me2
    S2 - Better than Life
    S3 - Timeslides
    S4 - Justice
    S5 - Inquisitor
    S6 - Gunmen of the Apocalypse
    S7 - Blue
    S8 - Krytie Tv
  15. SurfboardingKillerBikiniVampireGirl

    SurfboardingKillerBikiniVampireGirl Catering Officer

    Aug 27, 2010
    S1 Me2
    S2 Queeg
    S3 Marooned
    S4 Dimension Jump
    S5 Quarantine
    S6 Legion
    S7 Stoke Me a Clipper
    S8 Cassandra

    *Particularly hard to choose favourites in seasons 5 and 6, as they're all so awesome.
  16. Tabitha

    Tabitha Skutter

    Sep 19, 2010
    Season 1: balance of power
    Season 2: stasis leak
    Season 3: bodyswap
    Season 4: meltdown
    Season 5: quarantine (also my all-time favourite)
    Season 6: gunman at the appcolyps
    Season 7: don't know what it's called but the one were JFK assassinates himself
    Season 8: pete part 2 (well there was a dinosaur!!!) :-)
  17. Andrew

    Andrew Executive Officer

    Aug 6, 2001
    Season 1: Confidence & Paranoia
    Season 2: Kryten
    Season 3: Bodyswap
    Season 4: Justice
    Season 5: Quarantine
    Season 6: Gunmen of the Apocalypse
    Season 7: Tikka to Ride
    Season 8: Cassandra
    BTE: Episode 3 (I know, doesn't really count, all one story. But if I had to choose...)
  18. bedfordfalls

    bedfordfalls Deck Sergeant

    Apr 13, 2009
    Interesting choice, not one I've seen many people talk about. What was it about this episode you particularly enjoyed. For me Howard Goodall's 2001-riff is a highlight :-)
  19. Andrew

    Andrew Executive Officer

    Aug 6, 2001
    Really? It's the third time it's been mentioned as a favourite in this thread alone!

    Psychology-made-solid is one of my favourite Dwarf tropes. C&P has structural problems - it takes too long to get its plot started then doesn't have time to really explore Paranoia's side - but it's dense with good lines and moments. Iconic scenes, imagination and the beginnings of the strong character work that would go on to inform series two.

    Plus there's that exterior scene. Howard's combining of The Blue Danube and the RD theme, coupled with that impressive exterior set, model work and practical explosion...one of the best moments of the series for me.
  20. buelljack

    buelljack Skutter

    Dec 3, 2010
    hang with me here as i dont know all of the episode titles from 1 amd 2

    I : me2 - i love the cinema scene
    II : Parralel Universe (think thats the title)
    III : Body Swap
    IV : White Hole
    V : Back to Reality
    VI : Rimmerworld
    VII : Duct Soup
    VIII : Cassandra

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