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    With the rise of hologram and visor "augmented reality" technology such as that by Microsoft, oculus rift, Samsung etc where such technology is almost a reality, and games like better than life could soon be a £500 hit to the wallet away, what kind of games would you like to see?

    I'd love a Red Dwarf game based on RPGs like Skyrim or open world games like GTA where you explore a vast 5 mile long shio with in ship and off ship missions with a lot of exploration, a little bit of shooting and a lot of classic dwarf humour. I'd also love some kind of Red Dwarf Starbug racing game that plays like the pod racing games that were popular when SWepisode1 was released, where you feel like you're actually sitting in the cockpit while you're in your armchair at home.

    While I'm thinking purely RD based games, feel free to suggest non-English games that would work with such technology.

    Some kind of fitness game could be cool too - perhaps you could play as Cat dancing off against his "Dawg" opposite, Lister cleaning the floor under Queen's harsh orders, Rimmer trying to best Rimmer at keeping fit a la Me Top, and Kryten's time challenge with house hold tasks, for example.

    Some kind of MMORPG with everyone online playing a member of the RD crew pre-radiation leak, or during series 8, or part of the extended universe of characters that the main crew come across (either specific ones or generic ones). That could be fun! Imagine this whole forum working on the mining shop together helping each I other it competing against one another in tasks relating to the RD universe and having real interaction, wouldn't that be insane?

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